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Harish Singla, Country Sales Manager of  FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS INDIA

* How is the wellness and healthcare industry working these days?

Healthcare has become one of India’s largest sector, both in terms of revenue and employment. The recent  pandemic has emphasised the importance of the healthcare and wellness sector. The lifestyle behaviour of individuals towards health and nutrition has changed post pandemic. Consumers these days have started focusing more attention on preventive healthcare and holistic wellness. The effects of the pandemic on the industry continue to be extreme. The shifts in consumer behaviour, an acceleration of established trends, and the likely deep and lasting economic impact will potentially affect healthcare companies no less—and quite possibly more—than those in other sectors. Around the world, most people believe that COVID-19 will fundamentally change their businesses  and will  leave  lasting changes in customers’ preferences. The demand for nutritional supplements was already growing at a healthy clip of more than 10% but the pandemic has added spurs to this growth. Even the Direct Selling industry has been able to tide over the pandemic blues as a provider of financial security to lacs of unemployed.

 * What is your vision with FLP?

FLP has always innovated within its core competence, now is the time to increase the speed to market with new products. From the beginning  FLP has based its nutritional products on a holistic  philosophy that hasn’t changed in the last 45 year. Market pressure’s continually foster fad products which are popular for a time and then fade away. Forever does not chase fads but relentlessly pursues continuous improvement which includes emerging science and research that can lead to new and improved  horticultural practices, formulations, manufacturing technologies and packaging. The vision of the founder continues to unfold in India in terms of providing the best of  health and wealth opportunities to people of India. This business is a person to person business and  embodies the universal dream of all people giving them an opportunity to better themselves and achieve financial independence. We already have a million distributors in India  living the dream . And our future vision is to bring more and more women into this opportunity and help tackle the problem of unemployment in India. driven by new launches and expansion of sales networks including e-commerce. The Company is bullish about the Indian Growth story and expects India to be among the top 3 markets for Forever Globally.

Mr. Harish Singla, Country Sales Manager Forever Living Products India

 * What are your future plans? 

 FLP did not become one of the most successful companies in the world by accident. Building on 45 years  of continuous growth and 25 years of presence in India ,FLP India  will continue to embrace the simple philosophy of putting the best products in the world into the hands of the best distributors in the world and watch miracles happen. It’s no surprise that FLP has expanded its scope beyond aloe with a comprehensive product line  for virtually every health need. Aloe is a tremendous health promoting agent but we knew it can be partnered with other ingredients  to provide more health solutions for  health savvy customers. One such example is AloeTurm wherein health benefits of Aloe Vera have been combined with Turmeric to provide a formidable lozenge  which delivers immunity of the top order. The innovative delivery mechanism leads to  absorption of the ingredients through the buccal cavity  directly to the bloodstream. Simply 1 lozenge gives you the benefit of numerous glasses of haldi milk.  Besides offering  top of the line health products , Forever also provides the opportunity for people everywhere to transform their lives with increased financial security and lifestyle freedom. In order to provide convenience to our distributors FLP India plans to aggressively grow in South India and North East  by opening more distribution points. In tune with the requirements the company is continuously strengthening its Home delivery systems and the digital platforms for ordering , payments and training. Major investments in the distribution and IT infrastructure are envisaged in the coming years.

Mr. Singla Presenting Masks at Goonj NGO

 * What are the  benefits of Aloe Vera based products? 

All the products in  Forever living are innovative. We employ respected scientists who are world leaders in product development. Not only does modern scientific validation support the impressive use of Aloe, it has allowed Forever Living to produce the best Aloe Vera products available today.

Aloe has tremendous benefits for health inside and out. Aloe supports digestive health. From the inside our Aloe promotes a healthy immune system, supports nutrient absorption and boosts natural energy levels. From the outside Aloe moisturiser, nourishes and soothes the skin

 * Please tell us what are the upcoming products in FLP  ?

Forever Aloe Mango adds a tropical twist to our line of delicious and healthy Aloe Vera drinks to put the best of nature in your glass. Forever Aloe Mango™ features all the benefits of our flagship Forever Aloe Vera Gel ™. It has 86% pure aloe vera gel, aseptically processed, no added preservatives, source of vitamin C and a delicious natural mango puree for added flavour. The Global R&D team is currently focusing on Country specific needs  and many new products are in the pipeline.

 How is FLP different from other direct selling organizations?

FLP is a global business in more than 160 countries, no joining fees, no starter kit, no renewal fees, no warehousing expenses. It is a home based business which provides equal opportunity for all. Basic training is free of cost, no reversion from your level, royalty income, you can do business anywhere in the world, business can be inherited by the family member. FLP offers 48% payout which is the highest in the Industry and above all bonuses are paid on 143% of the wholesale price. There is a fair chance for everyone entering the business at any stage to make an honest living. Above all the company’s business practices are in absolute compliance with the Direct Selling Law gazette by the government of India in January 2022.


FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS INDIA  offers health, beauty and wellness products based on Aloe Vera. Forever is the world’s largest producer, manufacturer and distributor of Aloe Vera products worldwide and manages its own production and commercial chain, “from plant to product to you”. They are constantly developing innovative products and a wider range of products aimed at both helping people to adopt a healthy lifestyle but also offering an income opportunity for those with business ambitions.

Founded by Rex Maughan, Forever Living Products (1978, USA) has offices worldwide in over 160 countries and is active in Direct Sales through self-employed entrepreneurs (Forever Business Owners). Since then, Forever Living Products has been dedicated to seeking out nature’s best sources for health and beauty and sharing them with the world.

FLP India is going strong under the leadership of Country Sales Manager Mr. Harish Singla, he has been responsible for providing strategic, and executive leadership for various FMCG organizations. He holds a degree in Engineering and is an alumnus of prestigious IIM Ahmedabad. Having an exceptionally strong leadership ability, Strategic mindset, professional business acumen, outstanding problem solving skills, excellent ability to lead and manage and continually drive effective results Mr. Singla is a dynamic thought leader who drives revenue growth through employee engagement.

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