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5 essentials to pack for a road trip_OneAssist

The hot sun and lazy afternoons calls for a trip with your friends or family. Summers are incomplete if you don’t find a pleasant destination to beat the scorching heat of the sun. Planning for a trip is a mind-numbing task and there’s a high chance that you’d definitely miss out on packing some of the most essential stuff. It’s always better to pack your stuff in time instead of reaching your destination and regretting later. There should be at least 5 things on the top of your list, you can’t afford not carrying these along with you.

  1. Headphones

Starting or ending your day with some soothing music blaring out of your headphones could definitely be a mood changer. Trips are incomplete without a headphone and you will regret not remembering to carry one right after you leave home. The first and foremost essential in your travel kit has to be your favourite set of headphones or else how are you going to ignore unwanted interaction?

  1. OneAssist

Losing your valuables during a trip is something that has happened to us at least once. We either get pick pocketed or carelessly leave our valuable behind. This includes two of the most crucial elements in our backpack – wallet and phone. The probability of losing these two are the highest when you get flabbergasted after visiting a new place. OneAssist is something you can depend on as it always has your back during crisis situations. 

  1. Solar torch

The sun’s up in the noon but what do you do when the dawn sets in? Navigating through the unknown streets or camping on the hill stations can demand for a sudden need for a torch. Relying on battery is a big no and therefore solar torch can always help you find way through the darkness.

  1. Power Bank

Talking about battery, that’s something you can never rely on. Experience says your battery will drain out when you need your phone the most. Carrying a power bank always comes handy during the most unexpected situations. Your trip will be useless if you’re roaming around with a dead phone.

  1. Camera

Capturing your summer moments through your camera lens can help you relive your moments even after the trip ends. Do not make the mistake of not carrying your camera along with you, there’s a lot your social media platforms would miss then. Having your camera with you is like carrying an extra pair of eyes that can permanently capture your memories, you ought not to forget to carry these lenses with you.

Courtesy- OneAssist, India’s leading Assistance and Protection Company

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