6 Elegant Wedding Calligraphy Ideas

By Pooja Bhagwat, Founder of Ink n Bliss, calligraphy & design studio

Wedding is undoubtedly the most important day of your life &now with the fewer attendees make sure to offer your guests more personalized experience through each & every detail of your celebration. With calligraphy you can incorporate meaningful elements in your wedding in the most beautiful way. Here are 6 elegant wedding calligraphy ideas that will add an exceptional personal touch to your wedding.

1.      Marriage Proposals / Love letters

Don’t shy away from sending a beautifully written letter to your partner. Writing letters might feel like a prehistoric thing but in today’s digital world, handwritten letters are even more special.Words written beautifully on a piece of paper evoke certain emotions and you can cherish it for years to come. Your partner will be thrilled to

receive such a beautifully handwritten letter.

2.      Wedding Monogram

Wedding Logo

Wedding logos are so much in trend these days there is no better way than to express it with calligraphy. Custom calligraphy & hand – lettered logos works really well for wedding

as it gives you the opportunity to reflect your unique personality & your story in a beautiful way.You can add your monograms to your gifts, decorations, invitations, menus & much more. It’s a great way to customize your wedding.

3.      Invitation Envelope Calligraphy

Invitation is the first look of your BIG day. Make sure your first impression is elegant & timeless. You can include calligraphy on save the dates, for writing bride & groom names on the invitation, for writing guests names on the envelopes oron the flaps.It’s a practical gorgeous way to set the tone for your wedding & to give hint to your guests about how your big day will look like.

4.      Wax Seals

You can definitely add more exclusivity to your invites with custom wax seals. There is something special about receiving an invitation that has been packed beautifully & topped with a wax seal. You can keep it sweet & simple with just initials or use a floral element or a symbol that represents your love for each other or your wedding monogram can also be converted into a beautiful wax seal.Such a special touch for your special day.

5.      Place Cards

Is there anything more glamorous than seeing your name written in beautiful calligraphy?

Handwritten Place cards will make all the difference to your sitting arrangements. It can be made according to your theme, color or style. Instead of traditional place cards you can also opt for non-traditional surfaces like leafs, agates, ribbon, macarons or anything. Your guests will surely appreciate attention to each & every detail.

6.      Wedding Favors

If you want to give your guests something more personal & unforgettable, look no further & give them hand engraved glasses with their initials etched onto the glass forever.You can customize champagne flutes, whiskey glasses or ceramic mugs & give your guests a memorable experience. Not to mention these will look stunning as a gift for your sangeet or wedding function or your guests will treasure it for the years to come.

Add elegance & beauty to your big day with these creative calligraphy ideas. There’s Something about putting pen to paper & watching the beautifully written script that will surely impress you & your guests.


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