A life on Canvas

Bespoke Series by Sanjyt Syngh

Delhi-based interior designer and interior stylist Sanjyt Syngh, known for his bold and creative ideas, has unveiled a collection of exclusive artworks that are all set to add a unique sense of aesthetics and quirkiness to your environment.

As we spend extended time at our homes now, we are taking a keen interest in what’s around us, perhaps even stare at the walls some times. But imagine when you stare blankly at the walls, the artwork hanging there brings a smile on your face! That’s the impact art has in our lives. “What is a space without art?Not only does art bring life to a room, but it also adds colour and inspiration, “says designer Sanjyt Syngh as he launches a new collection of artworks that are sure to stand out for the fun element they bring to the space.

True to his style, the artworks come with an element of the unusual. “Our aesthetic is to take risks. We love mixing eras. We love adding quirk. We basically create our own identity in most of the art we use, “says the designer.

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