FashionFDCI India Couture Week 2022

Amit Aggarwal at FDCI India Couture Week 2022 In Association with Lotus Make-Up


 Amit Aggarwal celebrated diversity and inclusivity by embracing the changing forms, and the fluidity between the past, present, and future, as the brand completed its decade-long journey.

·        The collection Pedesis is crafted from recycled plastics and industrial material

·        Fusion of technology with traditional haute couture craftmanship

·        A new draping techiques used in creating the pieces made it an artwork

 Amit Aggarwal

“It is also a kaleidoscope ode to the fact that we are at an interesting bend in time where the digital space accommodates those whimsical aspects to ourselves not accessible in the physical world. Every silhouette shows that we carry the echo of the first human and hold the inception of the future – overlaid on the fine-grained realities of the present. This collection is a celebration of the fact that we are the glitch in time: warping forms, straddling realms, embracing eternity.”

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