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Shahin Badar Goes Candid

The versatile Award winning Singer/ Songwriter, is world famous for her vocals in The Prodigy’s  3 U.K. No.1 albums,  the Alaap chants in the banger ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ made her legendary and ‘Get Up, Get Off” further added to her popularity. The multi million selling album, ‘Fat of The Land’ made Shahin Badar the recipient of a Triple Platinum award and got her an entry into the Guinness book of records in 1999 for the fastest selling UK album. She has collaborated with various world renowned producers across the world covering music genres like EDM, Trance, House, TripHop, Pop, Sufi over which she implemented her production ideas. Her collaborations includes the likes of Indian Ropeman, Bobina, Gemini Brothers, Noise Control, Doug Laurent, Kaya Project, Gio Makyo, Jah Wobble, FX, Fraser T Smith, Twista and Juliet Lewis and many more. Credited with successful albums like ‘Laila’ and ‘Destiny’, her vocal contributions feature in over 50 international film and TV  soundtracks like the UK Music Hall of Fame, the Lara Croft Tomb Raider:2, Charlie’s Angels, Scary Movie 2, Closer, US sitcoms North Shore and Kevin Hill, and Sky News broadcasts. She has also sung in Bollywood movies for A.R. Rahman in Zubieda & Yuva, Dhai Akshar Prem Ke to name a few. Shahin Badar is currently in India to promote her single ‘Jaag’ and the Remix versions.

Shahin Badar’s – ‘Jaag’ the song

‘Jaag’  is an edgy and hypnotic song about women empowerment, that revolves around awakening one’s resolve for independence, breaking the shackles of misogyny and appeals to the listeners to move forward without being tied down by age-old customs and norms.


About your journey and evolution as a vocalist as well as a person?

It started around the age of 12.My mother was classically trained by Imdad Khan Sarangiwalaji. I would hear her sing and the interest developed from there. From a young age I began singing religious hymns and old Bollywood numbers at schools and ghazals at the radio stations in UK ,from there I was approached by music producers ,then stepped up for performances on stage followed by first single release Jind Meriyeh in UK by Taz of Stereo Nation. I then started writing my own songs and started recording demos and slowly shifted to the dance world of music where the beats  became my big love !

Who has been your inspiration?

Mainly my mother .I would listen to all genres of music Especially Arabic and Western. I used to love listening to Air Supply, Michael Jackson,Madonna,Shirley Bassey ,KLF.There is an  endless list of music.

 Tell us about your struggles, how did you cope up?

 Life is a big drama which has its negative and positive flows but we have to maintain our dignity when circumstances raise awareness. I had fun on stage and had the most amazing music collaborations with my producers. In the beginning when you appear to do something new and eclectic, some people within your own community are in awe of you and your presence on stage shocks them. Then you have to prepare yourself for some of the criticisms from the society where being spiritual raises questions as to why I would feel liberated to do music. There was a time I had taken a huge break but with or without music. My soul was always connected to God and the inner belief became my strength. I exist because of God, not because of the false judgments of people who do not understand the emotions or feelings of Art. Things have changed a lot great to know people and fans love my music.

You encounter people in the industry who envy your talent and abilities and therefore criticize you but I have never tolerated and will never ever…

Let them say or do anything, it will never affect me.That’s why maybe I am still here today doing what I love because I believe in goodness and a bond with humanity!

Can you tell us more about “JAAG” and the remix versions?

“JAAG” has been remixed by 3 amazing UK producers DJ Podge 4sumotion ,Kaya project and Juttla. I love the mixes they are edgy and great for the clubs .It charted top 10  in the King of Spins charts and played on radio stations around the world Including Radio 1 by DJ Annie in India and radio Phever FM in Ireland. It’s wonderful to have been picked up in over 100 USA news portals.

 There is a lot of competition in the business today…What is your take?

It’s best to concentrate on your work.I hear and see but it does not affect me in any way and I don’t have time for it. My work speaks for itself whether it’s from the past or current .It’s very important to keep your mind at peace while running the race.

So, if you could recommend just one song of yours for us to download so that we want to hear all of your music, what would it be?

I would say “Doleh Reh” from my album LAILA.

Your take on the senior artists?

I respect all. They have been a part of my life from the time I landed in the music scene.

Your other interests?

Love reading, Travelling, Watching Thriller movies, Cooking, Gymming.

 I love People & Peace.

Which is your all time favourite Bollywood Film?


What advice would you give to someone just starting out?

Be patient yet firm, don’t give in to manipulation. You as a person are important. For girls in the industry, people may try to lure you but you must always keep your respect, be strong, you do not need to compromise! The day you understand it, you have achieved everything, everyone will value your credibility and determination.

Be at peace, love and be content with your soul!

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