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                               By Team Cosmos

A team in a college somewhere in Delhi heard that no matter what people say, words and ideas can change the world and thus, they set out on a journey to make a difference in their own way. Cosmos, Jesus and Mary College is a part of the college network established by World Wide Fund, India which aims at making sustainable development a reality. They are a team of 40 entrepreneurs and have been working on two sustainable projects. They have employed women who are twenty years and above from the Tughlaqabad area and empower them with basic elementary education, finance, skill development and micro-enterprise management.

We, as humans have forgotten to be good guests, how to respect our planet and walk lightly as other creatures do. According to an analysis from the Global Alliance on Health and Pollution, exposure to toxic air, water, soil and chemicals kills 8.3 million people around the world every year,that is estimated to be approximately 50 times more death due to war and other forms of violence. The results show that 2,326,771 premature pollution-related deaths occur in India every year. Over 100,000 children in India die before they turn five due to poor air.

These numbers are pretty overwhelming, but they are the truth of current environment catastrophe that has been overlooked for too long. We sit back at home while reading these numbers on our phones, then after a moment of empathy, we move on with our lives because we believe that it is something that would never happen to ourselves but we forget that it does, that as much as we deny it, climate change is real and we’re at the receiving end of catastrophe.

Cosmos aims at making a change through raising awareness about sustainable practices and coming up with environment-friendly projects.

Cosmos recently launched Project Mulher, through which we inculcate a sense of sustainable living amongst people through organic products. Our motive is to give back to the Earth.

They’ve launched Meraki, an eco-friendly air freshener and Set-In Stain, a bio enzyme cleaner so far. A lot of high-end products sell similar organic products in plastic packaging to reduce manufacturing cost which essentially defeats the purpose of “organic”. Their products are 100% organic and sold in recycled bottles. They’re on a mission to raise awareness about issues surrounding the environment as well as the society we live in.

They have organised various events like the Eco-Trail for their college members and cloth donation drives in the Tughlaqabad area. In an interesting event, they conducted a ‘Blind date with books’ where donated books were wrapped in recycled packaging and sold. Due to the pandemic, they came up with the ‘Feed the Stray’ initiative wherein they fed dogs abandoned on the streets. They have also participated in various challenges like the Red Dot Challenge and awareness about the LGBTQIA+ community during the pride month to bridge social barriers and help in ending myths and taboos surrounding menstruation and the LGBTQIA+ community. They have collaborated with various companies to raise awareness by hosting live sessions and webinars.

This group of committed, thoughtful and driven entrepreneurs believe that it is in giving that you receive and urge others to dwell on it too. Their goal is to change the world bit by bit and be the change that the world constantly seeks,

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