Bhartte Kapoor- Essential Oil Therapist, Shaman and Herbalist, Founder of Soulz voice

Her Journey

Coming from a family rooted in the business of herbs, Bhartte has been using essential oils and their various blends for healing and therapeutic purposes for over 12 years. Even as a child, Bhartte could be found lost for hours, discovering the wonders of plants and herbs so much so that by the age of 4, her well tuned nose knew exactly what herbs her father had worked with during the day, when he got home each night.

As Bhartte grew older, she started appreciating the subtler qualities of different herbs. It fascinated her how lavender and cedar brought tranquillity, cinnamon brought potency, saffron and sage cleansed. “I knew I was at home with these gifts of nature. Books, spirituality, the rhythms of nature, all became my guides, saviours and  peace.” Bhartte reveals. Only to be rudely shaken by life. Married off early on at age 18, along with the gift of two amazing children, Bhartte suffered severe debilitating health issues. “My familial responsibilities and medication cut me off from my childhood love and then I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, PCOS, fibroids, HPV and early stages of cervical cancer, in fact I was thrown into the turmoil and angst of endless medication.” She adds that nothing seemed to give her the peace and solace and she fought back hard until she was allowed to turn to the only thing she trusted the most. She took charge of herself.

Life Changing Experiences

“With every plate of raw food, sleeping on the floor mat infused with essential oils, I felt reborn and soon enough my health took a 180 degree turn. Slowly leaving behind the rigours of medicine, I completely embraced my path to healing through essential oil blends, plants, herbs, flowers, shamanism, healing systems and simple rituals to cure my soul and body.” Bhartte continues.Bhartte was not just free, she was also cancer free and she had also found her purpose and now, life had meaning. 

Soulz voice is Born

And along with it was born a new wisdom, a shift in perspective and a profound compassion for herself and others. She brings all of her deep experiences in her essential oil blends that promise a new beginning to her clients under the brand name Soulz Voice. She says happily as she hands a freshly created bottle to her client, “although you apply it on your skin, it runs deep into your soul. These blends heal through your skin to your soul”.

Bhartte brings the best of her renowned wisdom, experience and meticulousness to each bottle in a way that brings quick relief and long lasting results to its user. Soulz Voice isn’t aromatherapy. It is not a mood changer or just an uplifter. It is profoundly healing and life changing. 

Each bottle contains a tried and tested blended formula that may seem easy to use on the skin, but it actually goes deep within the person to bring healing from inside out. 
All products are Plant Based, 100% vegan, Cruelty free, Made In India and Chemical free. All the essential oil blends can be used on human beings and animals. With over 12 years of experience, they have developed essential oil blends for specific issues. Some of these are:

At home for family
For various health issues of kids
Gentle yet effective for ageing related issues
At your workplace
For physiological health issues
Long term illnesses
Hidden Emotional abuse and scars
To transform your spiritual self
To balance and heal chakras
For psychological states
During travel
For different milestones in life
During life transitions
To attract love and abundance
And much more!.

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