Crispy Manchurian Nachos with Lotus Stem Crispies


     Cornitos peri peri nachos                            1pkt
         Lotus Stem                                             150gm
         Onion chopped                                      50gm
         Garlic chopped                                       20gm
         Ginger chopped                                     20gm
         Green Chili chopped                              7-8
         Salt                                                           to taste
         Pepper                                                     to taste
         Vinegar                                                    2tbsp
         Soy Sauce                                                2tbsp
         Spring Onion                                           50gm
         Coriander                                                1bunch
         Sugar Powdered                                    4tbsp
         Chili Paste                                               2tbsp
         Tomato Ketchup                                    2tbsp
         Corn flour                                                1cup
         Water                                                       8tbsp

Ingredients for Manchurian Ball

Carrot                                                    ½ cup, minced
Cabbage                                                ½ cup, minced
Beans                                                      ½ cup, minced
Green Capsicum                                    ½ cup, minced
Maida                                                      ½ cup
Cooking Soda                                         ½ teaspoon


Preparation of Manchurian Balls & Stuffing

Mix all the ingredients of the Manchurian ball, knead gently for a minute.
Add oil in a heating pan, add the Manchurian ball and fry until crisp golden-brown, put it out on a kitchen towel to remove excess oil.
Wash and peel the lotus stem properly and thinly sliced them, keeping their shape intact, soak the excess water by using a kitchen towel, fry them until crisp brown and remove excess oil.

Preparation of Sauce
Heat oil in a pan, add chopped onion, chopped garlic, chopped ginger mix well, add green chili, after stirring well add red chili paste, add some water, mix it gently, add in soy sauce, vinegar, salt, pepper, tomato ketchup mix it well and silky sauce is prepared.
Add Manchurian dumplings to the sauce, mix well so that Manchurian get well coated in the sauce, add in cornflour slurry to thicken the sauce.
Put it out in a bowl

For Plating
Arrange the Cornitos peri peri nachos on the platter, with the help of a spoon place a single piece of Manchurian dumplings over the nachos, place a single piece of lotus stem over the Manchurian garnish it with chopped spring onion.


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