Goodways fitness starts Online Fitness Classes for Members

Online Sessions during Lockdown

People are taking online training differently and more seriously due to lock-down as all the fitness and yoga centers are shut down due to the pandemic. It’s no longer a choice or an option, rather has become an alternative to their regular workout regimen. Earlier, fitness enthusiasts paid attention to only themselves. But after the lock-down, and due to spending more time with their family, they have started to look out for them as well. In a positive way of course, they are now acting as influencers and inspiring their family members to work out and eat healthy.

– People who were earlier enrolled for online classes (for instance – wives), they have now registered their husbands too for the online morning yoga sessions.

–  Awareness of Pranayama as a way of boosting one’s immunity (especially at time such as this) are pushing people to seek online workout sessions.

–  21 days  of lock-down is equivalent to a good amount of time to develop a habit.

– We don’t have to make people exercise now, even those of us who wanted to work out earlier, but never had enough time at hand, have now started exercising regularly with the help of online guidance.

– Once it becomes a part of their daily schedule, they can continue taking online sessions even on their busiest days. It doesn’t take long. You don’t have to dress up, don’t have to travel. Just need to put on your pyjamas and T-shirt and put on your web cam to start a workout.


Has the number of people logging in for a yoga session increased than before?

Yes definitely, by 312 login members.

What is the total number of sessions that you’re currently conducting?

As such there is no fixed time for a session.  They can be accessed in a more personalized manner, depending on one’s body. When one is ready, they can login and start their workout by following our instructions and demonstrations.

What are the sessions all about?

It is advisable to follow a weekly session’ chart so one can enjoy their workouts, which comprise of:

– yoga

– power yoga

– aerobics

– dance fitness

– functional training

– muscular endurance training ( abbs workout, thighs workout etc.)

–  live diet counselling session

–  live question answer session

– You can also get in touch for any query through WhatsApp or call

  Has the demand increased with the lock-down?

Certainly, demand has increased immensely by 160% in last 10 days

      Can you give a quote in about 150 words from one of your students sharing their experience? Since it is virtual how difficult or fun is it?… in a bit detail

–          Absolutely!

Name – Bharti Singhal (Member at Goodways Fitness)

– There is no competition or hesitation, you can try even those exercises that you thought about twice before in a group of class. There is more time for one to master different forms of workout. You can focus on technique and understand the rhythm of your body. Mind is relaxed. It seems like a wonderful time to exercise and expand your health horizons.

Courtesy- Health & lifestyle stories by Sankalp & ShaktiHealth & Fitness Experts and co-owners at ‘Goodways Fitness’

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