Embrace the Green Movement

Janmashtami Decor Ideas

By  Punam Kalra

We have been reminded that our lifestyle is nothing but an ode to nature. Given the present circumstances, anything that’s created henceforth needs to be more conscious, inherently warm, joyful and serene, spreading love, hope, and inspiration. This Janmashtami embraces the green movement by introducing an individualistic and experiential aesthetic to the décor, with innovative minimal surfaces, bold forms, artful accessories, and luxurious textures.

Modern adaptations of conventional festive décor with easy to recycle elements, like wood, vegetable fiber, metal, stoneware, ceramics and clayware, adds a natural warmth to the interiors. An inclusion of thoughtful handicrafts and artwork within the decor, like pottery, inlays, digital prints, statement patterns, color play, rattan, and wicker, shift our focus to a sensory indulgent yet mindful living.

Temple backdrops are essential, as they define the overall tone of the space. The panel can be made in a mix of reclaimed wood, modern materials like faux stone, digitally printed fabrics and acrylics, or cherished metals like brass and copper, with imaginative etchings, carvings or inlays. Backlit semi-precious stones and huge artworks can also be used as the backdrop for a more distinctive look. Meanwhile, pre-existing back panels can be spruced up with nature-inspired wallpapers, bold surface finishing, or subtle metal details.

The contemporary minimal maximalism celebrates the contrast of soft curves and solid, rounded, irregular shapes against the sharper geometric shapes. Screens and dividers made with abstracted forms of traditional motifs like the Nandi cow, lotus or the tree of life can give the décor a trendy and futuristic touch. The console seating the deities in clean, minimal forms with easy to sanitize surfaces, and inspired by the deep forest tones and the richness of mythological storytelling, adds soul and dimension to space.

Curvilinear low seating with bold curves, paired with modern art and reinterpreted elements of classic design like scallops in modern materials add a chic spunk to the décor. A color palette of blue, green, and golden, inspired by the hues of a peacock feather further adds to the spirit of Janmashtami. Chunky pieces of seating, side tables, and accessories inspired by organic folds, asymmetry, and bulbous forms, create a calm, dreamlike ambiance. The quiet beauty of whimsical organic sculptures, minimal planters, and other paraphernalia, make for conversation-worthy, artisanal pieces.

Delicate sheer, lace or linen drapes further add to the grandeur of the temple. Statement lighting and chandeliers designed in a combination of semi-precious stones and metals like brass or copper add a feeling of warm luxury without it looking too ostentatious. Modern rugs and carpets in plush textile with unique forms and inlay details can be used to add a bright dash of color. Quirky, contemporary accessories such as bells, incense stick holders, uruli, vases, and tall lamps in different shapes, along with fragrant flowers can be used to create a spectacular, integrated sensory experience.

About the Interior Designer

 Punam Kalra is the Creative Director of I’m the Centre for Applied Arts. 

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