Extend the Life of Your Laser Projector with These Proven Tips

By Sushil Motwani, Founder of Aytexcel Pvt Ltd, the official representative for Formovie in India discusses how you can take better care of your prized laser projectors

A report by, states that the Home Theater Projectors market across the world is slated to reach USD 6.84 Billion by 2030.  Clearly,  consumers are increasingly turning away from conventional home entertainment devices towards portable, compact, versatile, laser projectors for an advanced cinematic experience right at home. The emergence of laser projectors has also led to the diminishing popularity of  projectors which use  traditional lamps as their light source. In the home entertainment segment, consumers are now opting for laser projectors for brighter images, color precision as well as better energy efficiency. Even though a laser projector doesn’t need its light source to be replaced frequently unlike a lamp projector, it does require maintenance and care to perform with optimum competence.  A laser projector, if well-maintained can potentially  last between 20 000 – 30 000 hours or around 12 years approximatedly  but if handled without care, it may not complete its  lifespan.

Here are a few simple ways to ensure that your laser projector keeps delivering picture perfect home entertainment year after year complete with matchless visuals and flawless performance:

Carefully choose the installation environment: A humid, excessively hot, windy or dust laden spot is not ideal for installing your laser projector. Ensure the device is not placed near high-voltage electrical wires, sources of magnetic fields, open windows, a heat source or direct sunlight. If you are using the projector outdoors, it is best to not leave it outside for a long time as humidity or dew as well as excessive heat could impact it adversely. Also ensure the device is not placed in a cramped spot, shelves or boxes without proper air circulation as it will cause overheating.  Remember, the ideal range of temperature for your projector is between 14 to 140 °F (–10 to 60 °C).

Use your device judiciously: Overusing your device and not allowing it to cool down between sessions is not advisable. Unplug the projector when not in use. Do not allow children to fiddle with the projector or  open its case either. If the device needs maintenance, it is better not to disassemble or modify it. Make sure it is serviced by qualified company professionals. Thoughtfully inspect your device regularly to check any signs of damage like cracks, scratches and excessive dust accumulation. Make sure also that your laser projector is always properly calibrated.

Clean your device carefully: Never clean the projector while it is still plugged in. Unplug the projector from the wall outlet and let it cool completely before cleaning with a dry cloth for dust removal and a mildly moist cloth to remove stains. Avoid using chemicals, aerosol cleaners or sprays with inflammable ingredients like alcohol or benzene etc  to clean your projector.

Manage electrical fluctuations: To protect your laser device from internal damage, it is essential to properly manage power surges. Fluctuations and power spikes can damage internal circuitry and to prevent that, it is best to buy a voltage regulator to protect your projector. Also ensure that the  firmware of your device is always up to date.  

Follow the instructions in your user manual : A user manual will have comprehensive information about do’s and don’ts and  how to get the best out of your laser projector. It is hence a good idea to read it thoroughly. Whether you want maintenance tips , laser safety or troubleshooting guidelines or a deeper insight into your projector, reach out for your manual.

Simple things like keeping dust sediments away from the lense by using a cover when the device is not in use , not twisting or pulling the power cord  and only relying on qualified service professionals for servicing will keep your projector working efficiently for a long time. In summation, just getting to know your projector’s features in detail and investing time and energy in its regular care  will save you not just convenience but also serve you very well as a consumer  in the long run.

Sushil Motwani

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