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Find yourself with “Mystic Road Warrior” by Author Medha Narwani

Spirituality is a complex, difficult to understand subject, shrouded in mystical and mysterious layers. Author Medha Narwani strips away the layers and makes spirituality simple with her book “Mystic Road Warrior”, a captivating book set in the mystical land of Benaras about a man’s quest for answers. The book puts the metaphysical truths within the reach of ordinary people who do not have the inclination or the resources to retire to the mountains. Each page of this read will leave you asking pertinent questions related to purpose and existence.

Mystic Road Warrior is a rare book on spirituality that weaves in emotions to help the reader understand Medha’s intuitions and perceptions easily. Medha’s penmanship simplifies answers to life’s most colossal questions in a way that is radical and yet completely logical. Being the sole survivor of a deadly plane crash, Lawrence emerged into a state of stillness and intrigue about the metaphysical with the turn of events inflicted upon him.

The story is introduced with the mention of a journalist, Clara, interested in the power of a mysterious shrine of Lawrence Helix, a British Commander of The Royal Air Force from a 112-year old yogi, Mungia. The literature is divided into four fragments for attainment of the arcane by Lawrence, spelt in a humorous and spellbinding manner. In the streets of Benaras, the parable speaks of the paths of an affluent British man and an indigent Indian child looking for the equanimity of their souls.

 Her journey as an author started when she started to experience a shift in consciousness and started dabbling into the clandestine world of mystic souls of India. She includes excerpts and learnings from her profound studies of Vedanta, yoga and spirituality in the rich literature, sprawled across the pages of Mystic Road Warrior. Shattering dogmatic beliefs, her debut novel immaculately encapsulates the proclivity of a true seeker and the animated verismo of the Indian Yogis. It’s set after World War 1, and engulfs you completely, transporting you to the serene neighborhoods of the Indian subcontinent along with it’s humorous and charismatic characters.

Her lines illustrate the acute perception of human nature and channel pragmatic advice, so powerfully that this book has drawn a loyal audience from different walks of life, plunging on the same journey as Lawrence Helix, the protagonist. A book for every novice on the route to it’s conscientious awakening, Narwani has stimulated the living to be aware of the indwelling spirit, and shift its focus to looking for The Almighty to the priority of finding oneself. It’s magical, insightful and enchanting. An eye-opener and a must read during these stifling timesTired of hearing about the terrifying, unprecedented times, this pandemic has given us the esteemed opportunity to take the time to look inwards and self reflect. Now is the time to get lost in a good book, a Mystic Road Warrior, perhaps 

In the words of award-winning contemporary Indian writer, Ruskin Bond, “Enjoyed reading Mystic Road Warrior. The narrative blended the metaphysical  with the practical in an interesting way. It’s a good read” Acclaimed Yoga Mentor and Leadership Coach to CEOs and Entrepreneurs, Kartik Vyasays, “Mystic Road Warrior is an enchanting novel. It is a meeting point of the spiritual, miraculous and mystical dimensions within us. It vividly brings to life the immense possibilities that the practice of the ancient systems of yoga and vedanta bring to its genuine and persistent practitioners. The appeal of its plot and story line is timeless.”

“You perfect what you concentrate on” were the words of my guru which made me dive so deep into the subject matter of Jnana Yoga and Vedanta that when I emerged, the normal trajectory of my life had changed. I was inspired to write the novel to encapsulate some of my own experiences and teachings of my guru.” says Author Medha Narwani.

Published by Notion Press Publishing, ”Mystic Road Warrior.” is available for purchase exclusively through the online retailers, in Kindle and has paperback editions.

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