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Fujifilm presents #ITSTIMETOGIVE

Re-pin Favorite picture of You & Your Mommy with a Heartfelt Message

There are a lot of ways to show your mom how much you love them on Mother’s Day, but nothing hits quite like a gift that’s truly sentimental, a handmade card or a simple photograph collage that captures all the memories they truly cherished.

Remember that picture, which captures our first day of school and how our mother held our hand till the time we got settled in class. Or the one where she picked you up in her lap behind a scenic view and smiled not at the camera but at you, oh wait there are millions of those. Or remember that picture which you saw and said who is this? Because your mother looked out of this world in it and that is when you got the answer to the age-old question on why your parents ever got married. It is time we re-created some of those old memories and spread a wide smile to our dear Madre’s faces.

But do you realize what has remained common all of these years? Our love for our mothers and clicking pictures. And pictures that are captured with Fujifilm’s instant cameras always remain special because you have those pictures pinned on your memory wall. The ideas below are straight out from Fujifilm’s Instax memory lane that will surely motivate you to do something creative and fun for your mommy.



  1. It is time to give mom all the love: Re-create yours and your mum’s most treasured picture again and relive that cherished joyous moment. Creating this picture will surely throw you back to the best times of your life and for a brief moment you will be able to time-travel. Or you could create your favourite picture of your mom and surprise her with the nostalgia of that era. So, go get clicking and share a nostalgia loaded picture with your mom and a win a cute Instax Camera for her.
  2. Do not forget to tag Instax’ Instagram handle @instaxindia and use hashtag #ITSTIMETOGIVEfor participating in our contest that will be live from 7th May to 12th May, 2020.


  1. Make a scrapbook: If you are into film or photography, try your hand at putting together a scrapbook documenting all the amazing moments you have shared with your mom. This one might take a little bit of planning if you do not have a ton of photos already, but once you have the materials you need, you can create a unique and thoughtful gift. It is also the perfect thing to send to your mom if you are not together in the quarantine.


  1. Write Some Thoughtful Notes: Fill a jar with reasons why you love your mom, cover the wall in sticky notes with your favorite things about her, or write a happy message on her mirror using washable markers. You can also leave small notes on instax films, marking the date, your scribbled thoughts of that special memory. Just giving your mom a bunch of visible reminders about what she means to you. And if you aren’t together, have a sibling or your other parent put this together for you. That way, your mom will feel like you’re right there with her.

  1. Plan a home spa day at home: Just go through your cupboards and see what you have and make the best use of them. Pamper your mother by giving her that foot massage; she has always been pestering you to give.


  1. Gather your family and your devices and have a virtual celebration: Let us stick to the social distancing norms and make celebrations virtual. Just because we cannot be together does not mean we can’t see each other, right. There are so many great ways to connect virtually during this time. Take advantage of them to spend some quality time together.


We can always order her a late gift, why let the pandemic affect that option! Keeping aside these creative things, you can give your tech-savvy mom the latest range of Fujifilm Instax Cameras. Which are a perfect accessory that will take her back to the retro-world charm and capture moments that she will keep close to her heart.

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