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Gift Your Mother a ‘ME-TIME’ With a Meditative Workshop

Sound Healing Session organised by Dr Anju Sharma on Mother’s Day

 We all know that motherhood is a thankless job. It can leave the mother feeling inadequate, anxious and sometimes depressed. On top of that, the outbreak of the corona-virus has created a stressful environment for all leading to worldwide psychological chaos. Especially females are having a hard time with their entire family being at home. They have to look after their domestic work, kids and in some cases their professional work as well. All these create a psychological burden on them. Dr Anju Sharma,is organizing an online meditative workshop for all the mothers on 10th May 2020.

Life has become a monotony for the females and they wonder how things could have been different if they had some extra time. Everyone has equal 24 hours, the only way we can bring a difference in the females’ life is by giving them some time for themselves, a ‘Me Time’. In this time they can do anything they want to like listening to music, watching their favorite series or simply by taking a quick nap. They must take this ‘Me Time’ which is equal to a Yoga Nidra that helps to rejuvenate one’s body, mind and soul. This online session with DrAnju Sharma will help to strengthen and upgrade your present version. Females observe things around and don’t react to it immediately. They tend to become passive-aggressive and the outburst of their emotions are unknown. DrAnju will share some breathing techniques that will enable you to let go of the thoughts or situations that are bothering you. She will also discuss how various online chef competitions and posts are creating an environment of depression and anxiety in other females and their families.

Along with this online meditative workshop, you can also gift your mother ‘SOIL Membership’ with Sound of Infinity. SOIL Membership is Sound of Infinity Leaders’ Membership that will give various benefits to the members. One will get first free workshop and one free consultation with DrAnju Sharma. They can also have access to SOI music capsules.

 Dr Anju Sharma

Dr Anju Sharma is a Psychiatrist, Sound & Energy Master,Wellness-Holistic Coach, International Speaker and Founder of the Musical Healing Band named “Sound of Infinity”.

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