“His sensibility in music & ability to capture the right emotion gives us much comfort & ease on every production” say music maestros Salim Sulaiman, over working with Director Shakti Hasija

As a well-established talent in the media biz, he was constantly on the lookout for something fresh and uncharted to bring to the audiences, always attempting to pull off the ‘rabbit out of the hat’ trick. But he was frequently confronted with the question, “Why mend something that isn’t broken?”

Pre 2020, it was common for people to attend large concerts by their loved music artists but with the start of the pandemic group gatherings seemed like a distant wish.

Shakti Hasija and Salim

This forced a lot of traditional methods to be rethought and altered even with regards to how music should be consumed. Shakti found his voice as a director in the right place at the right time and that gave rise to Salim Sulaiman’s musical series Bhoomi – a unique concert at home experience that has garnered much love and attention from music lovers.

“Having collaborated with Shakti over the years, I’ve seen him evolve into a director who is equally gifted in his technical craft of filmmaking and storytelling. His sensibility in music & ability to capture the right emotion gives us much comfort & ease on every production.” say’s music maestros Salim Sulaiman

Bhoomi is now an annual musical that brings together some of the best talents from across the music scene under the curation of the celebrated duo Salim Sulaiman. Such a unique soundcape created the opportunity to even have a new visual experience where the viewer could experience a concert vibe from the comfort of their home.

Other than being a multi-talented editor, director and producer, Shakti spearheads his media company Industrywalas along with his partner and wife, Kunjan. The company is a preferred solution provider for ace production houses and OTT networks.

Shakti Hasija

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