How to Apply Foundation By Shahnaz Husain

Make-up is all about choosing the right shades of colour cosmetics, according to your skin colour and tone. Your foundation should be as close to your skin colour as possible. To tone down a tan, select a powder that is only one shade lighter, but in the same colour tone as the foundation. I feel that beige, rather than pink, suits Indian skin tones.  

Shahnaz Husain Shacover Foundation

Today’s trend in the foundation is a sheer, matte (non-shiny), natural finish, with subtle use of foundation. Many people prefer no make-up look in humid weather or during the day. The foundation is the base of make-up. First, cleanse the skin. For dry skins, apply moisturising lotion and wait for a few minutes. Also, oily skin, apply astringent lotion.

Further, oily skins, use water-based liquid foundations, with a light texture. They are easier to apply and blend. Add one or two drops of water for a lighter coverage. For dry skins, use a creamy one. Also add a drop of water to this, to make blending easier.

When applying foundation, the main aim is to achieve a natural look and even colour tone. Apply it on the face, forehead, nose and cheeks. Using a moist sponge spread it evenly, going outwards. Apply foundation on the eyelids too.  Blend well. Then, apply on the lower part of the face, on the chin, and on either side, along the jawline. As well as, again spread evenly and blend. Remember the neck too. Blending is very important to achieve an even and smooth finish.

powder compact image shahnaz hussain

Then apply powder, to “set” the foundation. Powders are of two kinds – loose and compact. Loose powder should be used after applying foundation. Apply some on the T-zone, which can be oily. Apply a small amount of powder over the cheekbones. Press the powder all over the face and neck to set the foundation. Avoid using too much powder around the eyes. Using cotton wool, brush off excess powder.

A compact holds compressed powder and has its own brush or puff. These are useful for touching-up. Carry wet tissues and compact in your handbag, to refresh your make-up.

applying foundation

Lastly, To conceal pits left by acne scars, take a foundation which is a shade or two lighter than the one you use on your entire face. Apply the light foundation, or concealer into the pits, using a fine brush. Then, apply your normal foundation on the rest of the face.

About Shahnaz Husain

Shahnaz Husain, pioneer of the Ayurvedic beauty movement, heads the Shahnaz Husain Group, with a global network of franchise ventures and 375 Ayurvedic formulations. A Case Study at Harvard for Brand Creation, she is now a Harvard Subject for “Emerging Markets” She was honoured with the Padma Shri Award and is the first woman in 105 years to receive the World’s Greatest Woman Entrepreneur Award from Success, the U.S. business magazine. Indeed, Shahnaz Husain is a leading international beauty icon.

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