Improve your immune response to the COVID19 vaccine shot

Dr Farah Ingale, Director-Internal Medicine, Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi-A Fortis Network Hospital ~

Immune system is an important factor and thus the knowledge is a necessity.

Dr-Farah_Ingale For advise on immune system

After the first vaccine jab a Russian government advisory on refraining from alcohol consumption for 45 days. Which has left many people confused and contemplating whether alcohol can cause any ill impact on the vaccine response. However, there is no mention of alcohol in the material available along with the two vaccines approving in India; this certainly adds to the confusion.

According to experts from the UK, Russia and the US, alcohol is said to suppress immune functioning. And render a person incapable of developing adequate immunogenicity after receiving the vaccine dose. A research study on alcohol consumption and vaccination highlighted that alcohol can cause inflammation in the gut. And can alter the makeup of the microbiome, potentially damaging the microorganisms that maintain immune system health. Heavy alcohol use associates with a few other health problems. Including an increased risk of Heart disease, Cancer, and Liver disease.

Here is what you can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve your chances of a better immune response to the vaccine.

STAY AWAY FROM ALCOHOL & SMOKING: Consumption of alcohol, smoking. Or indulging in other unhealthy practices should be avoided to get the maximum benefit of the vaccine. People who have taken the vaccine shot must ensure a healthy lifestyle. And avoid binge drinking around the time of the vaccination.

GET ENOUGH SLEEP:Another way to ensure your immune system is in perfect shape to make the most of the COVID shot is to get plenty of sleep. A study published in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine says that those who did not get more than five hours of sleep per night leading up to their flu shot made the vaccine only half as effective as those who had adequate sleep. The same will apply to the COVID shot too.

EXERCISE REGULARLY:Staying active and exercising is another way to make sure your body is healthy. Staying physically fit and maintaining a healthy weight can help reduce your risk of chronic illness, which can make you more susceptible to any complications.

EAT RIGHT, EAT HEALTHY:While no foods give you an immediate immunity boost, eating a healthy diet can help build a healthy immune system. Specific foods, particularly probiotics, can play an important role in keeping you healthy. Be sure to have a lot of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, yogurt, and fermented foods to keep your body nourished.

Thus, the bottom line is that COVID-19 vaccine shot is extremely important to fight this pandemic and improve immunity among people. Stay healthy and be wise. Do not let rumour mongering affect your decision making; call your doctor when in doubt.

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