IVF becoming a savior for childless parents

IVF is now a common practice around the world, but it was formerly only a distant dream. Since its first successful effort in 1959, IVF has grown to be a well-liked remedy for couples having trouble getting pregnant. India ranks third when it comes to finding and conceiving IVF kids, despite the fact that many people may think of it as a developing nation that lags behind in many areas. There are now more than 1.75 thousand IVF clinics available countrywide, where 2.5 lakh IVF cycles are started annually.

Experts believe that India can overtake China as the world’s IVF capital in the following five years based on the growth rate. Although there was a small setback with IVF procedures during the pandemic, things are already getting back to normal.

People today encounter numerous fertility issues due to the numerous pressures in our environment and the poor lifestyles that promote them. They have to deal with a variety of problems that prevent them from getting pregnant, which forces them to use artificial alternative pregnancy methods like IVF. On a worldwide basis, the IVF industry appears to have a bright future. According to analysts, IVF will likely be used to create 10% of future births.

The days of solely blaming women for infertility problems in a marriage are long gone. People are now more aware of the difficulties and cognizant of the fact that males can experience health problems that affect their sperm count and render them infertile. As a result, ICSI is also marketed as a synthetic conception technique for males who are experiencing reproductive issues, in addition to IVF (to address women’s infertility).

As per Dr Nishi Singh, HOD of Department of Infertility & IVF at Prime IVF Center,“Our sole purpose at the Prime Infertility Centre is to offer comprehensive infertility solutions to couples under one roof, with the highest ethical standards, complete transparency, and at a very reasonable price.”

Prime IVF was founded by a group of doctors who were extremely passionate, highly experienced, and committed to the cause. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) guidelines are carefully followed by the centre. The patients at the centre get a thorough evaluation before receiving the most efficient, individually tailored assisted reproduction therapy.

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