Kaya Introduces CoolSculpting

Skincare and the dermatologist network enabled brand Kaya, launches a new service, CoolSculpting, targeted to its ever growing uber, urban consumer base that seeks body perfection and precision. Kaya is opening the doors to a whole new approach that blends dermatological expertise, a refined sense of aesthetics and a culture of caring for your body. This technology is powered by a patented EMS expertise of Cutera, a world class aesthetic and cosmetic devices company, for body sculpting as an enhanced alternative to surgery with little to no downtime. It is US FDA-cleared, safe, pain-free and an effective solution to treating pockets of undesired fat in troubled body parts.

Punctuated by its new purpose fueled mantra, “Beautiful is You”, the powerhouse brand will continue to bring alleviated personalization to help consumers discover products and services that are right for their unique selves. Beautiful is You is about empowering the audience today, with the freedom of “choice” to find “their own best beautiful.” Moving in that direction, the futuristic technology of CoolSculpting by Kaya is aimed at growing top of the funnel for body solutions.

Rajiv Nair, Group CEO – Kaya said, “We are extremely excited about this launch. It’s innovative, it’s pioneering, it’s expertise in dermats, in technique, in technology. As a trend-setting fashion and lifestyle hub, India residents, both men and women, are seen pushing the boundaries in an effort to look and feel in shape. A growing demand for body contouring procedures in the country is being witnessed as a trusted method of sculpting muscles to regain a well-contoured form. We have received great response from our launch in Middle-East and are eager to bring CoolSculpting to Kaya India.”

Speaking on the launch, Samyukta Ganesh Iyer, VP and Head of Marketing – Kaya said, “Kaya’s new refreshed rebrand – Beautiful is You, speaks the millennial and Gen Z narrative of “you do you” and “inclusivity”. #SculptThatPerfectBod, is for that perfectionist who will wake up at 5.a.m. and hit the gym while the rest of the world hits the snooze button. Body Sculpting is that beautiful helping hand for the fitness freak, the health fanatic, the body crafter who despite his/her best efforts is unable to shrug off that last bit of stubborn fat- it’s that final finishing touch, the masterstroke to create the perfect work of art – your body. It’s an active lifestyle choice for the ones who have chosen to and they are often judged erroneously for being too obsessed with their bodies. At Kaya, we salute this spirit in our deep-seated value – inclusivity. It’s your choice, your freedom and one should be able to do as they deem fit as you know best what your own definition of beauty is.”

CoolSculpting works through the technical process of Cryolipolysis, which delivers accurately controlled cooling to focus on the fat cells underneath the skin while contouring the body. By treating these cells through crystallization (freezing), over long haul, the body naturally eliminates these dead cells leaving you with a sense of renewed transformation. Kaya Clinics has added this treatment to its extensive portfolio of offerings, directed to reduce visible bulges and reshaping the thighs, abdomen, and flanks, upper arm, back, abs, stomach, chin area etc, performed by its team of specialists.

Priced at INR 45,000/- onwards, The CoolSculpting treatment will be available first, across select Kaya clinics in Delhi, followed by other cities.

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