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Khoya Mithai

Diwali Hampers

Assortment of traditional gourmet treats matched with sophisticated flair.
Made using age old recipes tweaked to match the modern palette, this collection is a perfect balance between classic flavor and contemporary style.

The Gold Pista Katli stands out as a marvel, where the richness of Pishori Pista is combined with the allure of 24-karat gold leaf. Priced at Rs 10,500 for a Box of 30. The use of Gold leaf  as a garnish dates back to ancient times. Known as varq, it not only served as a decorative element but also acted as a safeguard against potential contamination. Used for royal dishes, the delicate beauty of this garnish is such that any attempt to tamper with it would result in a telltale, brittle fracture.

 Kesar Box is a perfect option. Pamper your loved ones with a blend of opulent customs and innovation with Khoya’s Kesari Misri, Kesar Badam Powder, and Kesari Badam.

 Snack Box. Enjoy a fine blend of Assorted Nuts, Masala Mathri—a snack reminiscent of the city’s spicy street food, served in convenient bite-sized portions, and Shakkar Paras to add the perfect touch of sweetness to the mix.

Khoya X Good Earth: The Tea Gift Box features two exquisite Kullars from Good Earth, with a rich blend of Masala Tea, Tea Strainer, Namak Para Jar, and masala Mathri.

priced at Rs 3,200.

 Diffusers, featuring the enticing scents of Caribbean Crush and Capri Blossom, which are priced at Rs 1,800 each.

Round Dry Fruit Box, features a delightful assortment of premium Mint Cashews, Walnuts, Masala Khubani, Roasted Pistachios, Roasted Almonds, and Raisins priced at Rs 3,500.

All Things Khoya, a curated opulence by Khoya Mithai. This exquisite hamper at Rs 24,000 includes Premium Mithai, Kesar & Paan Tea, Tea Strainer, Good Earth Kullars, aromatic candles, diffusers, Aggarbatti, Kesar Paan & Misri Saunf, Chikki, and Khoya Coffee Beans. Celebrate in style.

“Our philosophy embodies the celebration of refinement. True luxury for us lies in honest ingredients, artisanal craftsmanship and unforgettable customer experiences. Instead of drowning in excess sugar or extravagant decorations, we focus on finding an artful balance between flavors and textures, with every ingredient carefully handpicked to elevate each creation. We firmly believe that genuine opulence is found in life’s simplest pleasures”, says Sid Mathur, Founder and Director of Khoya Mithai.

This Diwali, let Khoya Mithai brighten not just your home but also your loved ones’ hearts. Availability: At the flagship store at The Chanakya, New Delhi or delivering pan India on website

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