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Laneige India’s Self-Isolation Skincare Routine

In the times of quarantine and self-isolation with no rush to go out the door each morning and having the whole day to ourselves, we should ace a proper skincare game & pamper our skin. An advanced selection of hydrating & moisturizing skincare range that works wonders for you throughout the day.

1. Moist Cream Cleanser

Product Description: The cleanser containing 14.9% highly moisturizing plant-derived oil improves skin’s basic moisture and promotes the absorption of skincare products into the skin. It keeps the skin moisturized for long hours even after washing the face without any taut feel.

Price: INR 1450/-

2. Essential Power Skin Refiner Light

Product Description: Essential Power Skin Refiner Light is a refreshing-type toner that tidies up shiny skin by effectively providing moisture to the skin. This moisturizing toner in semi-transparent, milky viscous texture gently moisturizes dry, flaky skin. The hydro-ion mineral water effectively provides moisturizing energy to skin fast. Vitamin B3 derivative, which is rich in amino acids and minerals, moisturizes and softens skin and relieves dead skin cells by providing moisture and nourishment.

Price: INR 1800/-

3.  White Dew Original Ampoule Essence

Product Description: White Dew Original Ampoule Essence makes skin look flawlessly bright and clear with Mela-vita Crusher. This highly concentrated ampoule essence brightens skin tone and takes care of spots by brightening skin from within with concentrated moisture whitening factors.

Price: INR 3500/-

4. Water Bank Eye Gel_EX

Product Description: Water Bank Eye Gel_EX is a cooling gel to instantly address tired-looking eyes. It contains natural bilberry & palm extracts that alleviate stress in skin around the eyes and provide moisturizing effects that can last up to 24 hours.

Price: INR 2330/-

5. Water Bank Moisture Cream

Product Description: Water Bank Moisture Cream is a richly textured moisturizing cream that strengthens, replenishes & retains hydration levels around the clock. The Moisturizing Biogene technology strengthens the supply of natural moisturizing factors inside the skin and makes the skin moist full all day through this Water Bank Cream.

Price: INR 2390/-

6. Lip Sleeping Mask 

Product Description: Lip Sleeping Mask is infused with a softening balm texture enriched with Vitamin C and multiple anti-oxidants. Packed with the power of four amazing berries, this mask contains a nutritiously sweet moisture wrap with hyaluronic acid and minerals to form a protective layer on your lips. This 8-hour time-release mask ensures a brighter smile on your rejuvenated lips.

Price: INR 1,150/-

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