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L’Opéra is excited to welcome the Magical Season by indulging in the Christmas spirit at its outlets, across Delhi NCR and Dehradun, decorated for the occasion and offering an impressive array of seasonal festive products.

L’Opéra is bringing back its classic selection of productsencompassingBûches (Yule log), Chocolates, Panettone, Christmas Pudding, Biscuits, Plum Cake, Alpine Nut Cake, Galette des Rois and other festive specialities.

Coffee Buche

“Crafting these delightful in taste and enticing looking Christmas range is always a real pleasure for me as it ushers in a season of togetherness which I always look forward to” says the recently arrived new Executive Pastry Chef of L’Opéra, Pierre Nevanen of France. The collection complements the new boxes in blue and lavender color ornate with elegant gold and silver; classic L’Opéra gift boxes and hampers which are presented in their Christmas sleeves and the popular pastel coloured leather-like basket which is widely appreciated.

Bûche (Yule log) is a traditional dessert served during the pre-Christmas dinners and luncheons and on Christmas Eve in France and in neighboring countries. It is made of a delicate sponge-type cake and rolled up, looking like a login to different variants such as the traditional Coffee Bûche, the much-loved Black Forest, the indispensable Passion Fruit & Chocolate and the innovative Cheese-Cake variant introduced this season.

Chocolate Alpine Nut Cake

L’Opéra’s unique Alpine Nut Cake combines a crunchy biscuit with nuts and tasty, rich caramel, making it the perfect delicacy to enjoy in the chilly winter weather along with a warm cup of tea, coffee or L’Opéra’s signature hot chocolate.An addition in the new variant this year, which is a must try, is the Alpine Nut cake enrobed with chocolate.

But Christmas would be a miss without traditional biscuits. Adding to L’Opéra’s famous all-year line of biscuits, this season Gingerbread, Shortbreadand extra nutty Hazelnut Crunch especially crafted for Christmas are to be enjoyed.

 Christmas Pudding and Plum Cake are among the most sought-after Christmas specialities which are widely anticipated during the whole year.

Galette Des Rois

“I have many great memories of my childhood during Christmas and I particularly remember how I used to love the warm smell of baking Alpine Nut Cake when I entered a shop with my family, it was nice and comforting”, remembers Laurent Samandari, Co-Founder and CEO of L’Opéra. He then continues“I wished to offer the same feeling to L’Opéra’s guests and patrons”.

“Christmas and New-Year celebrations are also an occasion for us to remember those in the society who are less fortunate and to show our solidarity by supporting them” says, Kazem Samandari, Laurent’s father and Executive Chairman of L’Opéra. “This year, once again we have decided to dedicate 5% of the revenue generated from our hamper sales to Main Tendue (, the charity which supports 10 Indian NGOs” he adds.

Price: Rs. 150 onwards.

L’Opéra’s website

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