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neoVeda spa & lifestyle products by Craft House

Discover unique beauty secrets from Ayurveda in a contemporary, exotic and conventional manner. Experience holistic beauty and wellness with pure, natural ingredients & essential oils to nourish and reinvigorate body and mind.

·        Turmeric & Gotu Kola Walnut Scrub – Helps your pores to open despite the cold weather, removes any dirt or sweat that is trapped within them, and reveals soft skin.

·            Apricot and Chamomile Pack –This hydrating pack/mask with Apricot and Chamomile is a powerful moisture retainer that softens fine lines and wrinkles and skin appears taut and firm.

·        Face Firm Sandalwood & Saffron Cream –Use it for deep moisturizing and hydrating effect. It rejuvenates, nourishes and helps to plump up skin.

·        Kumkumadi, Almond & Kokum Lotion – A luxurious, rich and creamy body lotion that gives intensive hydration instantly.Almond oil makes skin healthier and kokum butter is rich in essential fatty acids, which softens skin and promotes elasticity. Ayurvedic kumkumadi oil improves skin tone, reviving its natural glow.

Rediscover Ayurveda Magic

·        Products are designed to balance 3 Bio Energies known as Vatta, Pitta and Kapha in Ayurveda. The range is without parabens,and harmful chemicals like sulphate, silicone, mineral oil, Trethanolamine and Phenoxyethanol

·  Cruelty free certified by PETA. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)  is the largest animal rights organization in the world

 Holistic Approach

Designed to enhance and optimize the total “mind-body experience” and peel away the layers of daily stress; nourish and cleanse with a balanced collection of Face Care, Body Care, Hair Care and Essential Oils. The complete range contains ingredients ranging from Kumkumadi, Amla, Bhringraj, Brahmi, Jatamansi, Mulethi, Saffron, Goat Milk, Gotu Kola, Ashwagandha, Chamomile to Sandalwood Oil, Mogra, Patchouli Oil and many more. From Face Radiance to Luscious Lips, Body Renew to Body Protector, Hair Nourish to Hair Growth, Glow, Fatigue, and Wrinkle Reduce Essential Oils to more, can enhance your daily bath and beauty regimen. These products  add radiance and brightness to one’s skin and would keep it supple and smooth.

neoVeda is by luxury fashion & lifestyle store, Craft House, located at The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa, Delhi and state-of-the-art integrated International DepartureT3 at Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA).

 The neoVeda Story

It was Monisha Gupta’s, (the founder of Craft House) quest for making Ayurveda more accessible and palatable to consumers helped her develop the brand. It was her passion for India, its mystique, spirituality and exotic craft which found an expression when she set up the first Craft House store in 2000 at The Metropolitan Hotel and Spa. With her degree in MBA in Marketing from US and attention to the details, she has evolved it into a premium brand, and under her leadership, Craft House & neoVeda has won many awards and accolades.

Monisha Gupta – Founder, Craft House at The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa

Craft House Delhi Store –

The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa

Bangla Sahib Road

New Delhi

Tel – 011 42500200


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