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Nua skincare range

Nua, one of the leading D2C women’s wellness brands, has expanded its product category and is stepping into the skincare sector with its brand new ‘Acne Control’ range. After helping over half a million women across the country to manage their periods better with a holistic range of period management and intimate hygiene care products, Nua is all set to help women with the dynamic skin issues they face during periods.

Nua’s ‘Acne Control’ range is formulated to specifically manage acne while also addressing the other underlying changes to the skin’s hydration, elasticity, sensitivity levels that are caused by changing hormone levels every month. The set of four well-balanced skincare products is crafted with clinically-proven ingredients to control acne as well as enhance skin health throughout the month:

(1) Pore Cleansing Face Wash: Packed with salicylic acid, prebiotics and hyaluronic acid—this ph-balanced foaming face wash fights acne by removing excess oil without drying out the skin and helps improve skin health by balancing the skin microbiome.

(2) Oil-Free Gel Moisturizer: This lightweight, fast-absorbing gel moisturizer fights acne by balancing oil production. It contains niacinamide that controls oil production, ceramides that strengthen the skin barrier, and Vitamin E that acts as an antioxidant to maintain overall skin health.

(3) Detoxifying Clay Mask: The non-drying, mineral-rich clay mask is truly a differentiator as it is packed with an Encapsulated form of Salicylic Acid, that is slow releasing, and gently exfoliates the skin without any irritation. Additionally, it is formulated with Kaolin Clay & Activated Charcoal that removes excess oils and supports skin health by purifying the skin deeply.

(4) Acne Healing Patch: Containing hydrocolloid, this fast-acting treatment patch flattens acne in just 8 hours without drying or irritating skin and prevents scarring by forming a protective barrier on the epidermis.


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