One on One with Dushyant Kapoor

The Early Childhood

”I have 5 members in my family. My Dad- a Chief Officer in the Indian Railways. My Mom- a homemaker. I have two sisters and one brother. And I am really grateful for all of their support and love to make me what I am today. I am born in Khatauli, Uttar Pradesh. My childhood is mostly spent in the streets of Khatauli, since my Dad is in Railway, our family had to move a lot from one city to another every 4 years.  I had a struggling childhood as it was hard for me to fit in every society immediately. Growing up is what really fascinated me. Every stage was beautiful. And with every year, it’s getting better. I have done my bachelors in film making from Asian Academy of Film and Television, Noida.” 

The Making of Actor/Director

“I would say it’s in my blood. Because I started acting from a very early age. Basically, I was interested in film making and of course my stories. So I did everything from directing to shooting, from acting to editing. It was quite challenging but I loved taking all these different jobs which I realised is not a one person’s job. Even now I never miss a chance to act in the films.”

The Making of a Web series

“Making a Web series is not the concern here! The actual challenges are to do the VFX which we are mainly popular for. Presenting everything exactly how you thought in your mind is very hard when it comes to VFX and Superheroes. There are lot of things like superhero costumes, set designs, makeup which is very different and unique compared to what people see in normal series. But as long as I have my team with me, I believe everything is possible.” 

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The Process

“A lot of planning, plotting, and graphics takes place before the final products to be released… Literally, pre production is actually more important for us to get the final products ready. We just can’t shoot anywhere, and anytime, it requires a lot of planning, Reece, Graphics etc. Basically, we have to create the VFX shots first, only then we can shoot further. When everything is done, we put our best efforts to make our graphics looks real which really takes a lot of time, money and most importantly, patience.”

The Future of Web series

“The future is pretty good and positive.New story tellers and film makers, actors and actresses will get the chance to show their talent from many platforms. More and more people are getting connected to web so it has great future ahead. And I believe it will be really good for everyone.” 

Dushyant Kapoor

 The Choice of ‘Super Heroes’ in the Content

“Because everything else is being done by others. I always wanted to do what I am doing. So, I am just living my dream. I am living in the world of fantasy and superheroes which was once my dream.”

The Recent Venture – ‘The Return of Doraemon’

“I am a big fan of Doraemon.  I watched it many times. When the last episode of Doraemon came on YouTube, I downloaded it from a Cyber Cafe and watched it at home. It was so amazing. I was in tears. I wanted to make a film with real characters. But I was too young and I didn’t have access to many equipments.  At the time, I was in Std V1. Recently during the Lockdown I got a lot of time to think about my past and I got a chance to revive and realise one of my dreams to make this film. I wonder why nobody has ever tried to make that in 15 years. But yeah I tried and people really appreciated. I am really happy that it has crossed 2 Million Views.”

The Memorable Moments

“Well, there are many! I would like to mention this particular moment which happened in Mumbai. I went there for work, I was just sitting with my friends at the Dominos, and a guy came and told me that he is a big fan of me. I was shocked because I wasn’t much known at that time; I only had 40 Thousand subscribers on YouTube.  At that moment I was so proud of me when he said, ‘the future of Indian Superheroes is in good hands’. This is what inspires me even now. 

Secondly when my film “Briefcase” was selected in Jagran Film Festival. That was a huge honour for me.”

Dushyant Kapoor

 The Future Projects

“I am delighted to let you know that I am working on a series where a lot of Indian Superheroes are coming together. And this you might call “Indian Avengers”. The teaser will be out by the end of next month.

Another project I am working on is a Drama thriller Series “ CHALAVA” with Actor Aashay Srivastava & Avdeep Sidhu, which would be quite different than any of the other projects that I have done. 

Apart from these I am working on very interesting Short Films which are targeted to the young audience, As Doraemon was a hit, I am thinking to bring more content like this. The best way to recreate  and relive childhood memories.”.

The Dream Project

“My dream project is the Film, Mahakaal. I am trying to start this from the last seven years and I wanted to make it really really good. So I have been learning, now I guess I am ready to get on with the production. And I hope it will kickstart again by the end of this year.”

 About Dushyant Kapoor

 He is an actor-director and singer who is totally into making super hero series and making his own music album . He brings back ‘Doraemon’ the globally loved cartoon with a new twist. At  a young age of 23, Dushyant has not just been known for his acting, he has often taken up the roles of a writer, director, editor, singer, producer, and composer. Dushyant has also worked on multiple projects with actor/anchor Maniesh Paul which got him multiple awards in film festivals around the country. Dushyant has also started a production house along with Ankit Vatsa under the name of ‘DK FILMS’ which they rightly like to call it as a “destination of Indian Superheroes”His most recent venture ‘The Return of Doraemon’ recently crossed over 1 million views in just a period of few weeks; this surely speaks about the good and rich quality of content they produce. 

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