Pet care is much more than doing it, It’s about how you do it?

“We are not just caretakers when we adopt or bring a pet to our homes, we actually become parents. Pet care or pet parenting is much more than doing it, it is about how we do it,”

says Ambarish Sikarwar, Business Head,

The last half-decade has seen a surge in the pet care industry. For a simple reason, we all have emotional needs and in the age of digitization, busier schedules, where the emotional gaps between humans are getting bigger, our pets play a major role in filling these. And you do not need an app for it (pun intended!). 

With more and more families adopting pets, India alone caters to millions of pets and their needs. Pet care does not conclude with basics anymore, it rather starts from there. The humanitarian and societal urge to treat our pets with as much respect, love, and commitment are co-inspirational. And this urge is just going to get bigger from here. The Business Head of Zigly, one of the leading pet care brands in India, Mr. Ambarish Sikarwar throws light on how pet care is much more than doing it, it’s about how we do it. 

Food for the Furry Body, Mind & Soul

For me, the first and foremost step to being conscious pet parents are selecting the right food for our pets, accompanied by a diet that is prescribed by an expert veterinarian. Gone are the days when we used to eat just to survive. The same goes for our furry friends too. It is important to pick the right kind of food, treats, and go by a specific diet plan for the physical and mental well being of our pets. 

Picking the right brand (whether local or global) and food type, what kind of foods to avoid and how much to give, there are various parameters around which we select foods for our fur babies. Since there are so many options available in the market, and we want to make informed decisions, we prefer to go with only what our vet recommends. 

Preventive Health Checks Are Need of the Hour

The second most important factor is taking our fur babies for regular health checks. Our furries are subject to several types of seasonal allergies and illnesses that even vaccines can not prevent. Some of these are tick and flea-borne. In this case, it becomes even more imperative for us as pet parents to take all the precautions possible. Hence, taking them to the vets for preventive health checkups is essential. I believe it is better to be safe than pose a risk & make our fur babies suffer. I take mine for regular checkups to the vet for the same reason. And thank goodness, we have been doing great so far. 

Their Bath Times Are Special 

For me and my pets, their bath time is super special since it is my personal time with my fur babies. And I make sure that they feel like they are on a spa break. I usually take them for their grooming sessions every fortnight so their paws, hair, and overall appearance are neat and tidy. I believe grooming is a special time for both the pets and pet parents. After all, we can barely wait to hug these refreshed and smiling doggos! More importantly, regular grooming ensures the fur of our pets remains healthy, shining and does not shed so often, which is again crucial for their overall health.

Style Defines Their True Identity

Keeping a stylish, as well as a comfortable wardrobe for my furries is as important to me as my own wardrobe. It’s not just about styling them or making them appear trendy, it is also about doing what is right for their skin (fur coat), giving them an identity that makes them confident beings. Our furries require an amount of dressing up to feel comfortable, as well as to protect their soft, lustrous coat. 

Unfortunately, there are very few pet fashion brands in the Indian market that have been able to successfully tap the style and comfort factors. I personally go for the season and time-based apparel styles for my furries such as pure cotton shirts, bow ties, frocks, trendy harnesses, etc. for spring and summer days; woollen hoodies, coats, etc. during the winters.

It does not stop here. Our furries also prefer to lounge in their own spaces, which brings us to the cosy, sturdy, weather-resistant lounger beds and pet mattresses. Making a decision on opting for the right one can be tough. So, choose well! 

And of course, toys! Lots and lots of toys from chew toys to activity toys, there is a whole list that we as pet parents pick from. It has saved us from a lot of chewed up furniture and misbehaviour at home which can result from the likes of a bored or frustrated furry. 

All things aside, if I had to sum it up in one statement, how I have seen the transition happen from being a pet caretaker to being a pet parent, there is one thing that takes us there & that’s pure ‘love’, the love we have for our pets, the love for their well-being, the love that drives us to look after them with all the possible resources in their footsteps. Rest, it eventually falls into place on its own.  

Stay blessed, stay furtastic!

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