Meet Shalini Vadhera

The Indian-American Shalini Vadhera, a well known entrepreneur in the beauty circle is all set to launch her beauty brand ‘Ready Set Jet’ for the Indian market. Her aim is to use brand as a vehicle for global change with a strong social impact to empower and inspire women by empowering disenfranchised girls to reach their full potential through skill. A sneak peek…

Trends in beauty: using it to empower women. How global beauty entrepreneur Shalini Vadhera is changing India.  

During her recent trip to an underserved community in Mumbai, Shalini Vadhera transverses twisting lanes to a group of women ages 13 to 43. Pulling out a case featuring Ready Set Jet cosmetics, the women are excited to sample her newest line of travel ready glosses, blushes and eye colors. With a few wipes of the wand, Shalini’s demonstrates how to accentuate their features as they practice applying cosmetics on each other. The girls share their career aspirations; following in the footsteps of their mothers to become servants. After meeting Shalini and learning about her social impact initiative Power Beauty Living, their minds have changed; now inspired to become beauty entrepreneurs.


Shalini’s global influence with women and young girls stems from her entrepreneurial passion to build companies and create products to empower women. After building her Rs. 21 crores global cosmetic company Passport to Beauty, she’s earned recognition from the Government of India. As the recipient of the ‘Jewel of India Award’ from the Prime Minister’s office and named President of The International Women’s Wing Leading Women’s Empowerment, she’s using her experience and positioning to empower women throughout India.

Giving back to the women of India with Power Beauty Living

By becoming make-up artists, generations of these women will gain confidence by creating their own livelihoods.Power Beauty Living, a social impact initiative and social platform launched at United Nations, provides women a community of education, empowerment and support to access employment opportunities in the beauty industry.

Ready Set Jet. The brand where beauty builds confidence

        “Beauty to me has always been about looking and feeling confident.” says Shalini as she samples her line of travel-inspired Ready Set Jet products, developed specifically for Indian skin tones with each product appearing as a perfect match.Ready Set Jet is a wanderlust inspired beauty brand built for the go generation. The innovative containers are eco-friendly to avoid product waste and unnecessary packaging. The 100% vegan products are developed with the same ingredients as international luxury brands, with prices starting at Rs. 900. Launching early 2020 in conjunction with UK and Indian Government Officials and Amazon India and other major players in the India cosmetic e-commerce market (yet to be officially announced), she aims to use Ready Set Jet as a vehicle for global change. By using strong social impact initiatives to inspire and empower disenfranchised girls, they will be able to reach their full potential through skills development, micro-entrepreneurship, digitizing India, livelihood enablement and jobs creation via the Power Beauty Living Academy alongside the Ready Set Jet product line.

Beauty trends in India. What’s Next? 

The growing trend in beauty is to use it as a vehicle for change. In the morning she works to empower women in the underserved communities by showing how to use beauty to gain confidence. In the evening she’s alongside Government and Dignitaries, using her voice to speak for those who don’t have one.

With the launch of Ready Set Jet in 2020, groundbreaking response to Power Beauty Living and prestigious recognition as Jewel of India by the Prime Minister’s office and President of The International Women’s Wing Leading Women’s Empowerment, Shalini Vadhera is bringing her global success to empower women and drive positive change using beauty

Shalini’s rise from jewelry and fashion entrepreneur, celebrity make-up artist, bestselling author of Passport To Beauty to the founder of a Rs. 21 crore global cosmetics company is nothing short of remarkable. Vadhera has transformed this platform while using her business acumen to create global beauty, lifestyle and business solutions to empower women around the world.

“The world is so beautiful. The people I’ve met on my journeys are so amazing” says Vadhera. “I’m happiest when I’m living in a state of inspiration … wandering and discovering new places and getting lost in different cultures. Celebrating diversity, coming together as an empowered tribe and using it as a vehicle for global change is why I created Ready Set Jet.”

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