Smashbox’s campaign- ‘ISN’T IT ICONIC’ in partnership with Pamela Anderson 


Tapping Into The ‘90s Hyper-Nostalgia, Smashbox Unites Pamela Anderson with The Legendary Original Photo Finish Primer For a Celebration Of Versatility That Transcends Eras

 Smashbox debuts the groundbreaking ‘Isn’t It Iconic’ campaign, harnessing the nostalgic power of the 90s and early 2000s by uniting two iconic powerhouses: Pamela Anderson and the Original Photo Finish Primer. Giving the world a front-row seat to Pamela Anderson’s beauty rebirth, Smashbox’s pioneering product, invented by Davis Factor himself, sets the scene for a joyful journey down memory lane.

The ‘Isn’t It Iconic” Original Photo Finish Primer Campaign celebrates a time-tested beauty legend. The campaign isn’t just about the first primer to ever hit the market, but an efficacious, hardworking product that’s stood the test of time. This playful campaign mirrors Pamela Anderson’s legendary evolution alongside the enduring charm of Smashbox Cosmetics, steeped in authenticity and a bold celebration of individuality and versatility. Using a cinematic approach, the campaign unveils a faux movie trailer and stylized “movie posters” featuring Pamela Anderson, lensed by Factor, renowned photographer and the founder of Smashbox Cosmetics.

This creative endeavor encourages self-expression and empowerment – pillars both Pamela and Smashbox stand firm on. It invites fans to embrace the fun in makeup, experiment with their signature looks and listen to their ever-evolving selves. By bringing together two iconic figures, this collaboration marks Pamela Anderson redefining her self expression through the transformative power of makeup – all on her terms. “Reuniting with Davis Factor for Smashbox’s latest campaign was fun, nostalgic, and playful. The campaign is a little wink to the past – the 90s flash that I lived and loved. I’m honored to

collaborate with Smashbox to help promote their classic vegan and cruelty-free primer… said Anderson. “I have always admired originals – and this OG connection underscores a project rooted in shared stories, mutual respect, and authenticity.”

Davis Factor, the photographer behind the campaign captured at Smashbox Studios, established the studio in the 90s, as a meeting ground for creativity and creative expression, which became a hub for iconic celebrity shoots. In this creative space, Smashbox’s Original Photo Finish Primer, became the first-ever primer to enter the market, marking a monumental shift in the beauty industry. I’ve always believed in the transformative magic of makeup and working with icons like Pamela Anderson is a testament to the power of beauty to push boundaries and celebrate individuality. This campaign is a tribute to an era when creativity and innovation shaped the beauty landscape, taking us back to Smashbox’s roots, where every photo was a celebration of uniqueness and self-expression.” says Factor.

Smashbox’s Original Photo Finish Primer is not only a symbol of tried-and-true beauty, but a testament to how one clever product can redefine an entire industry. Beyond its functional prowess in makeup application, the Original Photo Finish Primer serves as a living tribute to an era defined by groundbreaking figures, just like Pam.

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