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Styles & Shades to flaunt this Monsoon

By Priyanka Gupta, Director of GKB Opticals

The arrival of the monsoon after the scorching summer heat awakens the intense emotions of love, longing and joy. The unpredictable weather conditions often make it difficult to choose the right outfit for any occasion. The golden rule of monsoon is to understand how to style in layers. Along with layers, colours also play a significant role in creating monsoon magic in your style. Let not the monsoon dampness dampen your spirit, follow these simple tricks and tips to stand out this monsoon season:

Aviators with Cotton Flare Pants and a Spaghetti Top: A loose – fitted pair of cotton trousers with a beige shade Spaghetti Top are the perfect clothing which will keep you comfortable all day long. This chic style can be further elevated with white dangles, bracelets, and cool aviators. And for your foot cover it with slip-on crocs to avoid mud splashes.

Oval Sunglasses with Denim shorts and bright colour T-shirt: Denims can never go wrong on any occasion or styles. In monsoon denim shorts are the must haves in your wardrobe. Pair the denims with a bright or stripe tee with oval shaped oversize sunglasses to keep your looks apart. Since shoes cannot be choice during monsoon, to complete the look wear colourful strappy pair.

Round Sunglasses with Printed Tank Top and flared skirt: A knee- length pleated or flared skirt is the trend of 2022. Pair the skirt with a neutral shade tank top and rain-proof boots. One can also style the overall look with a waist bag and round sunglasses to grab attention amidst the crowd.

Cat Eye Sunglasses for Bright Romper: Rompers or Jumpsuits are often treated as inconvenient to wear but they are perfect for monsoons. They are highly fashionable and can be perfect for a monsoon date. Complete your stylish looks with a pair of cat eye sunglasses and rain-proof boots and you are all set to go out. Oh yes do keep a bright colour umbrella to avoid getting drenched.

Transparent Sunglasses with Bomber Jackets and Crop Tops: Another eye-catching style concept that one can plunge into during this monsoon is styling with a Bomber Jacket. A Bomber jacket with a crop top and black legging can give you that ultimate monsoon vibes. Followed by the style pair this with transparent PVC boots and clear square framed sunglasses.

Hexagonal Sunglasses with Ruffle Dress: Like pleated skirts Ruffle style also topped the 2022 trendy fashion charts. From Saree to dresses ruffle sneaked into every wardrobe. Talking about ruffle dresses they are extremely light, comfortable and make it more monsoon friendly. They are available in a variety of patterns but floral and monsoon sinks the best. One can also pair this with a trench coat and a hexagonal pair of sunglasses which are all the rage this season.

Apart from the styling tips one should also have a stylish raincoat or trench coat in vibrant color to turn heads.