Switch to an Organic Lifestyle

Ten years ago, if someone had mentioned an ‘organic lifestyle’, he or she may not have been taken too seriously. But things have changed a lot over the past decade and that’s because people are consciously changing their choices and organic wellness is slowly gaining prominence. Even the smallest actions can lead to great impact.

We all want to work for a better tomorrow and an organic lifestyle forms the foundation of that goal. People always think of ‘organic’ as something limited to food but it’s actually a lifestyle and food is only a part of it. It’s about introspection and awareness. You need to know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it!

When you choose plant-based organic diet, you choose to support local businesses and take care of your family in a holistic manner.You don’t feel weak or tired. Instead, one feels energetic and motivated. There’s a reason why many athletes choose to opt for plant-based and vegan diets and lifestyles.

People should realize that organic and vegan skincare is not a marketing ploy or scam. It’s real and it’s effective! These  products may have a shorter shelf life, but these are authentic.

When you go grocery shopping, it’s about being aware of what fruits and vegetables you’re buying and whether they’re as good or nutritious as you’d want them to be. Instead of eating unhealthy and greasy fast-food, opt for home-cooked meals. It can’t get healthier than that! Take care of your body.

When you’re out shopping, it’s about buying clothes made from organic fibres and fabrics that allow your skin to breathe! Take a break from the whirlwind that is fast-fashion and support hard-working designers and creators that use better and ethically-sourced materials! It’s about using wellness and beauty products that aren’t loaded with unnecessary and potentially harmful synthetic additives!

Organic wellness is as much about the mind as it is about the body and I can say that with full confidence that I feel at peace knowing that the choices I make are going to have a profoundly positive impact. By taking conscious steps to take care of my body, and in keeping my family healthy, I feel relaxed and a lot less stressed. Was it difficult switching to an organic lifestyle? Yes. But it’s well worth it!

Megha Asher, Founder, Juicy Chemistry

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