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Keeping Festive Spirit Alive during Covid-19

Festive season brings with it a spirit of celebration, joy, togetherness and spirituality.  Due to the current pandemic, there is certainly going to be a change this year on how the festivities are celebrated.

Keeping the spirits high and alive, there are some innovative ways, designers, artists and lifestyle brands are adopting to mark a joyful beginning to the festive season.

 “Rakhi this year, will not be the same as always. With such a pandemic, nothing is as it was.
But we are gradually learning to accept and create a new normal. Even in these tough situations, we have made it feasible for our clients to send their brothers and sisters-in-law  beautiful rakhis & lumbas with roli chawal and a customised best wishes Handwritten card, everything completely sanitised. This will help them add a touch of their heartfelt wishes and gets them a sense of being closer to their loved ones. Even while not being physically together, We are helping them, pass on their love and best wishes in the best way possible” says Designer Tuhina Mehrotra, Filme Fashion.

“Covid 19 has confronted us to a very basic fear- the fear of unknown. For people who love to plan their life well in advance, this sense of unknown is indeed very disturbing. Standing today, we do not know, what might happen tomorrow-if we will ever get to celebrate the festive days like we used to do before with our loved ones, if we will meet our friends and family like before! But as a person, I am very positive. My whole purpose of becoming a Pranic Healer and a Painter was to spread happiness and positivity. Through my paintings, I have always used colours to spread happiness and positive vibes and even during these disturbing times, I continue to do so. Apart from this, I am also trying to help people who are in much worse situation than us by taking part in various online fundraiser exhibitions and involving myself with other CSR activities. I have always been involved in such activities and given the current situation our involvement should be even more. I believe in spreading smiles and happiness and I aim to do so during this time through my art”, says Artist Swati Pasari.

“The new normal for now is definitely safety. We must all take care of not just ourselves but also the people around us, to ensure safety, health and hygiene for the entire nation. Staying home, video calls, meditation and sharing our happiness is the new normal for me. Happiness should not be confined within our self, hence trying to help others who are in distress and spreading positivity should be the new normal for each one of us and most importantly, showing gratitude towards the almighty and the people around us who are working incessantly to keep us safe is something, we must all follow”, adds Swati.

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