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Vidya Balan Launches Ubuntu Authored By Dr. Shilpa Aroskar And Published By Leadstart. Says It Is A Must Read.

“UBUNTU – I AM BECAUSE WE ARE”, a nuanced and witty book authored by Dr Shilpa Aroskar, had its first pan-India social launch and the book has won praises from none other than Vidya Balan.

“UBUNTU – I AM BECAUSE WE ARE: Parables of the United Human Spirit” is a compilation of untold real stories of people from different spheres of life, their daily struggle during the pandemic , their resilence and optimism  narrated by the author in her trademark wit with humor making one ponder and wonder how did I miss seeing all these.

The author of bestseller YOLO published by Leadstart again, Shilpa Aroskar is a frontline warrior herself, and shares her own experience during trying times and narrates a whole kaleidoscopic human tales about finding love, getting married, virtual wedding, surviving boredom, E schools. She unmask human behaviour and myriads of emotions that gives one a new perspective to life and people.

Talking about the book, Vidya Balan said, “It’s yet another perfect prescription by the pediatrician author; a right dose of wit and wisdom, hope and humor, in these trying times”

“Shilpa’s team approached me for the book launch and I wanted to read it before saying yes. She was kind enough to send me one copy and I just couldn’t close the book before finishing it. I was hooked, the stories are so well weaved and wrapped in despair and hope, being fierce and vulnerable simultaneously. It makes you laugh and cry at same time. It  is a must read book and everyone should have it on their book shelf” added Vidya.

Talking about the book, Shilpa said, “I am honoured with the generous words of Vidya, she is kind as always. The word Ubuntu, it is an Zulu origin word, African philosophy meaning a spirit of common humanity, which many of us have experienced during pandemic. During  social distancing we all yearned social contact and freedom to breathe and get back to normal.  When the suffering was at its peak during the pandemic it was generosity and kindness that helped us survive the storm. I just needed to tell everyone the  stories that I’d witnessed about hope, dreams, pain, love and survival , rebuilding, reforming and unlocking small joys through a witty and humorous prospective. What really moved was the sense of greater good during the hard times for in the end the human spirit  triumphs.

Malini Nair, Executive Director and Head of Publishing at Leadstart said, “We at Leadstart are proud to publish Ubuntu, a captivating collection of experiences and untold stories; shades of human emotions coming from all walks of life during the pandemic.”

The book is available in paperback at all the leading stores and online portals.

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