Warm up your home this winter with some unique décor trends

Warm up your home this winter


Refurbish your homes, this winter, with unique home decor ideas to break away from the traditional look and embrace rustic color palettes combined with Eco-friendly accessories. Let your home interiors delight your mood.

  1. Break the rhythm with warm hues and tea lights: Light up your home with golden lights that will instantly exhilarate the mood during this cold season. Give it your own personal twist by filling a mason jar with simple string or cluster lights that can be placed on a mantel or entryway table to create a warm corner.
  2. Embrace pastel and intense dark colors, moving beyond the classic red and green: Dark, moody colors may seem a bold choice during the season, albeit a deep color is well-suited during this season. Dark blue, deep green, purple and aquamarine hues bring comfort and reverberates energy to the nights. Pale colors like icy-blue and snowy-white have proven to be the perfect pairing, while raw wood and natural green are timeless trends.
  3. Wooden flooring, handmade rugs and throw blankets are inherent: Create a perfect rustic abode with reclaimed wood accents, soft fur textures, and candle-filled lanterns. Throw blankets in red or green, draped and dressed over the bed and pair it with pretty plaid prints in rich reds, greens, and winter-y hues, while incorporating more fur and wool to make the space more relaxing and calm.
  4. Surprise your guests with a gorgeous, thoughtful table space: Culinary delights and drinks bring family and friends together during this holiday season. Therefore, it is imperative to do the tablespaces with interesting tableware with brightly colored cotton or linen, reusable napkins with wooden tablemats and moulded wooden tray for rustic, winter look. You can also place pinecones, green ferns and berries around the centerpiece tall scented candles to give a rustic feel to the table setting.  Bright cutlery and glass drinkware adds elegance to the set up.
  1. Add a touch of greenery at home to rejuvenate and relax: The year 2020, will see indoor garden trends, given that there is an increasing level of pollution outdoors. These trends will be in shades of earth-tones like rich forest greens, taupe, and clay colors creating a natural look as well as to give Zen environment. The best thing about these plants is that they do not require high maintenance and they act as air purifiers. It also helps in reducing anxiety and stress. Green accents like rubber plants, money plants, or snake plants help in incorporating some rich greenery. On the other hand, botanical prints, lush greens, replications of wood grains and stone veining for pillows, rugs, and upholstery, along with delicate wild flora and fauna motifs in homewares add a warm rustic touch to the interiors.

Courtesy- HomeLane, India’s fastest growing home interiors company

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