Winter Delight to Keep you Warm & Cozy

The winter season has arrived and it’s the best time to add some new flavors into the meals. This season, Novotel Vijayawada Varun brings to you delectable recipes to try at the comfort of your home curated by Chef  Vinay Kumar.

Green Pea Risotto with Aloo Jeera

Rissoto Rice80 grams
Green Peas20 grams
Spinach Paste30 grams
Onion20 grams
Garlic15 grams
Chop Green Chilli10 grams
Potato50 grams
Jeera2 grams
Tumeric Powder2 grams
Chop Fresh Coriander5 grams
Sweet Potato30 grams
Fennel Seed10 grams
Butter20 grams
Cream30 grams


  1. First make a stock af fennel seed an use this as a stock for cooking Rissoto.
  2. Take a pot sauté onion and garlic and add risotto rice (without soaking) and cook by adding stock.
  3. When rice is cooked 70 percent add spinach puree and cook well lastly add green peas, salt, and fresh cream and butter and finish it in smooth consistency.   
  4. For Aloo Jeera: Cut potato in to small dice and boil until cooked.
  5. Heat a pan with oil and temper with cumin and garlic, add onion stir it and add salt and turmeric powder and sauté adding potato in and finish with fresh coriander. For garnish fry thin slices of sweet potato.

Sea Bass with Cauliflower Smoked Cream and Tandoori Broccoli

Sea Bass200 grams
Thyme2 grams
Garlic30 grams
Onion50 grams
Cauliflower80 grams
Cream40 grams
Milk250 ml
Broccoli40 grams
Cherry Tomato6 nos
Zuccini20 grams
Deggi Chilli Powder10 grams
Salt10 grams
Oil30 ml
Butter50 grams
Lemon1 nos


  1. Portion sea bass as 100 grams each and marinade with salt. Take a pan and heat milk, add garlic, onion and cauliflower and cook until soft.
  2. After cool it and blend only cauliflower with cream and salt and keep aside, and smoke it with choice of flavour.
  3. Blanch broccoli for a minute in boiling water amd marinade with chilli yogurt and cook in tandoor.

Sauté cherry tomato and zuccini ribbons in butter and garnish.

Makhamalisubz Croquette with Pear Ginger Chutneyand Cardamom Carrot Puree

Carrot100 grams
Beans20 grams
Cauli Flower20 grams
Potato20 grams
Khova15 grams
Almonds10 grams
Cashew nuts10 grams
Raisins10 grams
Refined Flour20 grams
Ginger10 grams
Pear15 grams
Demerara Sugar15 grams
Cinnamon5 grams
Starannaise5 grams
Oil50 ml
Corn Flour30 grams
Salt10 grams
Green Chilli20 grams
Cardamom10 grams
Hang Curd30 grams
Paneer30 grams
Mint20 grams
Coriander10 grams


  1. Chop all the vegetable and blanch. Boil potato and peel it when it gets cooled and mix all the ingredients mentioned under ‘outer covering’ and make dough.
  2. Take a bowl and put hung curd, cottage cheese and salt then mix it well.
  3. Drop some oil in your palm then take a small portion of dough and flatten it, place some stuffing on it and roll it in shape of a sphere. Make all kababs similarly. Coat with panko bread curmb and keep aside for frying.
  4. Heat oil in a pan and fry kabab very gently till golden brown in colour.
  5. For ginger pear chutney: chop ginger and pear as very miniature dice and  cook with jeera, green chilli, starannaise and cinnamon, when they are cooked add ginger and pear and add salt and Demerara sugar. Cook nicely until they get caramelized.        
  6. For carrot puree boil carrot with cardamom and sugar and when it is boiled cool immediately and blend nicely. Then take a pan cook carrot puree with butter and cream adding salt and serve with crispy ginger on top.

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