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Yellow Flowers – A Year Passes By    

ust when we are trying to brace ourselves for the hot Indian summer, Nature reminds us that beauty can exist even in the harshest environs with the beautiful Amaltas flowers blooming all over Delhi. There is this huge Amaltas tree overlooking my balcony. It blossoms once every year, with the most beautiful yellow chandelier flowers. Once I saw them by moonlight, looking almost ethereal….. a sight that is impossible to forget!

The most precious commodity in my life is Time…..of which there has always been a tremendous shortage!  My life was ruled by hectic work schedules. I used to see the flowers and planned to have dinner there, overlooking the golden flowers. Just when it was being laid, an unexpected visitor arrived. So, I decided to postpone it to another night, but it was not to be! When I happened to notice the flowers again, I realized that a whole year of 365 days had passed by, because it flowers only once a year. Time was such a precious commodity that I could not do a simple thing like enjoy the beauty of those flowers. I thought to myself, that one evening, next year, I will do just that – enjoy the spectacular sight of those flowers that are within my reach – so close that I can actually touch them! Till then, my dream remained a dream!

But, this year it is different! With social distancing still being maintained; I am managing my work from home. I found I have more time to make my dream come true! My husband and I actually enjoyed dinner on our balcony, in the beauty of Nature’s yellow chandeliers……Every minute, every second was worthwhile…..a memory etched on the sands of time!

About Shahnaz Husain

 Shahnaz Husain, pioneer of the Ayurvedic beauty movement, heads the Shahnaz Husain Group, with a global network of franchise ventures and 375 Ayurvedic formulations. A Case Study at Harvard for Brand Creation, she is now a Harvard Subject for “Emerging Markets” She was honored with the Padma Shri Award and is the first woman in 105 years to receive the World’s Greatest Woman Entrepreneur Award from Success, the U.S. business magazine. Indeed, Shahnaz Husain is a leading international beauty Icon!

Shahnaz Husain
Shahnaz Husain

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