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Young Indians bringing in 2021 with Positivity & Hope

Year 2020, the year of Pandemic, brought us closer to LIFE. Our perceptions changed, habits changed, and even the entire outlook towards life changed.  We have evolved as human beings, more empathetic towards others fellow beings, animals and environment.

The meaning of celebrations, happiness, togetherness, all changed for good and we all are looking forward to 2021 with more positivity, hope and promise to be good and do good.

Let’s take a look at what young Indians have learnt from the year 2020 and what are there resolutions for the year 2021.

Artist Swati Pasari

As an artist and moreover, as a person, I believe in spirituality and am an immensely positive person. I draw inspiration from the positive aura around me and paint to connect myself spiritually to the power above me. As a person, I look forward to 2021 with more positivity. 2020 has been difficult for most of us and affected us in more than one ways. However, I am hopeful about 2021.

I would like to concentrate more on my artwork and explore other realms of creativity and techniques. I plan to work more closely with charitable trusts as I firmly believe we must all stand up together to support each other to ensure the New Year is a happy and prosperous one for each and every one. My new year resolution is definitely to be more positive and spread positivity around through my art and my actions and I urge each and everyone to do the same.

Designer Savi Abbot

This year has been tough, but let these unprecedented times not take away the joy of celebrating life. This year 2020 has made us appreciate what truly matters- Family, love and health of course.

And also the enormous value of the present. It’s made us grateful for all the time spent with our loved ones- something we might have taken for granted in the past. I am going to enjoy every moment and be grateful for the company of my loved ones for the rest of my life.

Also, I would like to extend my support to homegrown brands and small businesses and help them lead a sustainable life.

Blogger Divya Bhatia

Eagerly looking forward to 2021, in this new year I wish to have a deep understanding of my true worth and instead of resolutions I will be making more habits. 

Habit of eating more healthy and keeping only weekends as a cheat day, complaining less and resorting to a simple activity of asking before making any presumptions, working out regularly not only to lose weight but also for my overall well being, doing that long awaited phone call to one old friend every week and definitely decluttering my house which means buying less and recycling/ reusing more. 

Hoping for a habit wali 2021.

 Designer Tuhina Mehrotra

Well, what a year 2020 has been. From a global pandemic, protests, online learning and remote work, describing 2020 in just a word or two seems like a very daunting task. With terms such as quarantine, social distancing and Zoom parties, it seems like our everyday lexicon will forever be changed.

However we are all waiting for the year to end and are hoping that 2021 will be better in all aspects.

And about work, we have learned how to manage everything just from home and online. So that hurdle is already passed. Having said that, my resolution for 2021 would be, to be more optimistic and accept all the challenges with more grace.

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