2021 Predictions (Health, Finances, Relationship)

By Tamanna C


This year will mark a turning point in your career around may-august. For those in their own business will go through major tie-ups/ collaborations post July ’21. If you are looking at a job change expect good opportunities after March and June ’21. Finances will be stable but expect extra expenses September-November. Family life will need attention April-June’21. Spend quality time with family members.


Be more mindful about your career goals. Don’t take any impulsive decisions between Feb-June’21 as it may backfire. Be flexible with people at work. New ideas will result into work after March and August’21. Be open to working with new people. Finances will be slow till April, post which stuck payments and increase in money will flow in. Be mindful about your investments. Family life will take a back seat initially due to hectic work but post May’21 you will feel more grounded into family affairs.


The year will be hectic with a lot to do and too many people to please. If you are feeling stuck in areas of work, expect movement and clarity after June and September’21. Be open to working on new projects to keep the income coming. Don’t allow past fears to affect your work life. Finances will be stable as you will get multiple opportunities to make money this year especially after April. Don’t give personal loans. Family members will go out of their way to be there for you emotionally. Don’t take their love for granted.


Career will be on a roll from the beginning to august after which you will consciously take a back seat to evaluate your next move. Expect new job/ business opportunities after may. Be discreet about work and future plans. Finances will be stuck till march with heavy expenses due to family life. Expect more growth financially after may and October. Family life will be demanding throughout the year. You might have to focus on past issues between family members.


Work will be erratic till March. Expect more stability post June. New partnership or expansion of work is expected post September. Be more mindful about paper work and contracts that you sign. Finances will be stable throughout the year with more income and security coming in post June and November. Family life will be stable after march. Till then keep your mood swings in check. Be more attentive towards emotional needs of others around you.


While work will be stable, new ideas and talks of partnership will keep you occupied from April-July. Don’t get carried away by other people’s decisions. Expect results of new work only after June and November. Don’t rush into anything. Finances will increase after Feb. and May. You will also look into investments after June and October.


There will be going back and forth at work till March. People around will act difficult. Be patient and focus on the objective. Don’t get insecure by other people’s instability. Work will be smooth after June and expect new role/ responsibility or projects after august. Finances will be stable and you will also receive benefits from family finances. Positive investments can be made after May and November. Family members will turn to you for important decisions making between Jan.-July. Be flexible when dealing with older family members.


New work ideas/ opportunities will come along Feb. – June onwards. Be more receptive to new ideas and responsibility. Hectic travels for work indicated after august. Be decisive as a lot of people could be depending on you for clarity. Finances will increase multifold post April and September. Family life will be smooth expect for minor stress around July- august. Travels with family members indicated post may and November.


Work will be slow and chaotic till May after which change in job or ideas will lead to positive and abundant results after September. Don’t over trust people at work especially around April-June. Organise your paper work. Finances will be slow till March. Expect stuck payments to clear after April and July. Family members will be demanding and may expect you to take responsibility. Avoid friction with family August-October.


Work will be positive and stable till august after which you will consciously slow down to attend to personal life. New work opportunities post march will change the course of your career for better. Be more balanced when it comes to work and personal life balance. There will be more financial stability after Feb. and May. Positive investment opportunities will come your way after august. Family member’s health will keep you busy March-June. Avoid getting involved in friction between other family members between September-November.


Work will pick up after April and post July there will be new role or expansion with new people. You will also change your investments plans after June with the help of a friend or family member. Work and financial security is expected after June. Family members will be there for you as a strong support system. Expect good news from family life after October. Be more communicative with family members.


You need to slow down the pace of your mind in order to enjoy what your career has to offer you. Over thinking will only slow you down. Expansion in areas of work is expected June-October. Be open to seeking advice or help from others. Expect stuck payments to come through after Feb. and august. Family life will be smooth and hectic till April after which work will be priority.

 About the Author

Tamanna C, Psychic, A New Age Spiritual Therapist & Author of The Vertical Path. She is the Author of her second book, The Vertical Path which was released on 5th November 2020 globallyAs a natural Healer and Clairvoyant. She helps individuals in recognizing their underlying subconscious blocks and fears that might be affecting their personal and professional life. She specializes in past life healing, soul chart preparation, karma releasing, spirit guide connection and conducts workshops for personal and spiritual transformation.

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