Yeda Anna

Yeda Anna aka Onkar Pujari, the rapper, podcaster and performer  with the ability to freestyle rap for three hours on end,  first came into the scene nine years ago for his freestyle rapping skills at events and live gigs. His popularity grew with 50+ stage performances, hosting one of India’s first Hindi podcasts that featured artists from Gully Boy and many respected rappers from the Indian underground music scene. Give him a word off the cuff; he can create an entire verse in seconds.

 In an interview with RetroPop Lifetyle, he talks about his venture into Music and debut album titled- ‘Yeda Kaun? ‘The album features eight tracks that show the rapper at his best unfiltered, original self.

·        How did you think about getting into music? Have you learnt to Rap or did it come naturally to you?

Basically, hip hop is a culture it’s really important to understand this culture first before doing something. It took me 9 years down the line to understand this music and I am still learning every day.

·        Who has been your inspiration in this journey? How did your family first react to it?

Rappers Like Eminem, 2pac, Big L , Kendrick Lamar really inspired me to be a better rapper. And talking about my family they’ve been really supportive towards my profession choice especially my mom.

·        Yeda Kaun? Sounds interesting, why did you think of such a wacky name for your first album?

So basically when people talk about Emiway they know that it’s the Bantie When they talk about Divine.. They know Vivian but when they talk about Yeda Anna people go like “yeda kaun” so I wanted a unique name like this.

·        How did your association with Most wanted records come about?

Working with Most wanted records was really amazing big shout out to Shantanu Pujari and Shehzad Sippy for putting so much trust on me. It’s a Dream Team.

·        Since you curated the song end to end during the lockdown, what were the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge was to control mental stress and to be focused during lockdown but thanks to Khullar G for being there for me. A lot of people put in their efforts to create this album like Stoneywolf, Kunal Iyengar (Anger), Alt + Drift, Sahir the Magician and my manager Shuga B.

·        You have made a very sensitive and emotional song on transgender motherhood. Tell us a little about it?

“Meri Maa” is one of the most important songs in the album. Basically it’s a storytelling track about a beautiful relationship with a transgender mom.

·        What are we expecting from you in the coming future?

I have already started working on the second album now, collaboration with different artist and some really great music videos coming ahead it’s soon to be a wild year ahead.

About album ‘Yeda Kaun?’

·          Yeda Kaun? Derived from the fact that no one knew his name… Album made entirely from start to finish in the process of lockdown

·         Track ’Meri Maa’ that expresses the love of a transgender mother raising a child.Onkar Pujari aka Yeda Anna has worked closely with an NGO focused on helping the transgender community and ‘Meri Maa’ reflects his way to bring awareness to society. In a country where the transgender the community faces numerous social and legal issues, the rapper wanted to use his first-ever album as a way to feature how a mother is a mother and transgender mother is no different.

·         Yet another track ‘Kyun Kiya Maine Date’ is about his relationship and how being an Indian rapper is not all about glitz and glamour that’s shown in most rap music videos.

·         Besides in ‘DhokeBaaz’, Yeda Anna calls out the phonies in his life and ‘Chalte Hum Chudh Mein’ is a tribute to where he is from and his life. Last but not the least, ‘Laga Lockdown’ expresses the plight of the lockdown and the pandemic we are all in.

·        The last track of the album is Game Over- animated hitman/anime Esque video premiered the track.

Here is the Game Over link-

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