5 Bathroom Accessories To Add Colour To Your Bathroom

By  Anil Ahuja, Director

Colston Bath and Spa Pvt. Ltd

Bathrooms in the modern home are more than just wash spaces, they are an experiential area and important for personal time, self care, and relaxation after a long day. The traditionally functional designs thus can get bland and uninspiring in this area. We curate our top 5 tips on how to accessorise your bathroom in ways both small and large, to transform your bath experience into a refreshing one every single day and night.

1.      Create A Personalised Atmosphere With Custom Lighting

Bathrooms are a place of retreat, and lighting is a very powerful influence on these moods. Standard lighting such as white CFLs can drain the space of colour. Instead, add a bit more flair to your bathrooms with soft golden or natural white mood lighting. It replicates sunlight, is easier on your eyes, and creates a colourful, luxurious ambience in your bathroom.Another classic option is to bring in candles and aromatic diffusers as incredible atmospheric tools that not only add new shades of colour and light to your bathroom but also heighten your experience with their aromatic and therapeutic properties. Adding these to your bathroom is perfect to set up a relaxing candlelit haven for one.

2.       Bring In Flair With Your Fittings

Bathroom fittings are a permanent fixture and can be a stunning statement piece in your bathrooms. It yields the best results when chosen for a selected colour scheme in your bathroom. For light-coloured bathrooms, we recommend brighter themed faucets and shower panels so that they offer contrast to the space; while shiny and chrome finished faucets and systems look best when your bathroom is built with dark stone or tile.

3.         Colour Therapy In The Shower

Chromotherapy, commonly known as colour therapy, is a powerful mood influencing technique that uses various colours to create a psychologically positive effect. This can now be part of your daily shower routine with showers that employ chromotherapy technology, using the multicoloured light fittings that not only add colour to your bathroom but also help you set the right mood to begin and unwind your days.

4.         Make Your Bathtub The Center Of Attention

Bathtubs are undoubtedly a statement piece in every bathroom, and modern tubs offer an incredible variety of designs that surpass plain white ceramic tubs of old. You can add unmatched character to your bathroom with a free-standing and vivid natural stone bathtub with unique shades and designs. The luxurious nature and timeless aesthetic means that the centrepiece of your bathroom will never go out of favor or style.

5.         Make A Splash With Your Basins and Countertops

Your mirrors, basins, and counters form the most frequently used area of your bathroom. The right aesthetics can transform them into a stylish personal care and vanity space to go with your striking bathroom. Coloured marble countertops and carved wash basins are perfect places to build around, setting up your primary colour scheme as well as incorporating vanity lighting and makeup areas for you to perfect your look in a bathroom that looks perfect. 

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