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Festive Collection | LovetoBag

A different shade of a personality and a different mood of each occasion. The Winter/Festive’19 Collection celebrates multiple characters and stories with five capsule collections.  
Zuri Zora - LovetoBag - WF'19.jpeg
Zuri Zora – a beautiful friend 
Zuri Zora literally meaning ‘my beautiful friend’ represents a collection inspired by the myriad heritage crafts of different neighboring Indian countries & states – it signifies a free spirited , deep design friendship which transcends through geographical borders. The bohemian story follows those individuals who want their wardrobes filled with design culture, tales and adventures. The Lovetobag woman ignores modern sensibilities and embraces the carefree, relaxed, and the unusual.

Amoli - LovetoBag - WF'19.jpeg
Amoli the most precious  
The grandeur and glamour of a stately-home soirée inspires a partywear story that celebrates historical details. This story follows the intimate moments before a big gala evening out. Where the anticipation of the evening sets in your own personal romance of what could be. Picturizing glimpses of when you look down at your hands & how your bag compliments your trailing gown, you imagine yourself walking through the space and dancing the night away. 
Kova - LovetoBag - WF'19.jpeg
Kova game set match 
The story follows an evening of the most luxurious passing of time, playing games for the simple sake of pursuing a win. It harks back to an era that has a vintage allure, where one could appreciate an evening around a table of geometric beauty. The sharp lines & contrasting grid forms create a great frame for their aesthetic, where they dress and accessorize to signify the victorious player they are or want to be.
Nesrin - LovetoBag - WF'19.jpeg
Nesrin – wild rose 
 This capsule collection reflects the untamed yet gentle spirit. It represents a woman who sensual, seductive and dauntless – hence Nesrin , the wild rose. With Nesrin we embrace the imperfections in the leopard skin pattern & encrust them with the most delicate diamanté, pearls and micro Japanese beads to create a formidable yet graceful look. 
Moira - LovetoBag - WF'19.jpeg
Moira – The resort collection
 The idea of getting away, escaping to wonderous tropical landscapes have inspired this travel collection. The destination is always the journey, and the moment of celebration just the landmark. A mix of contemporary silhouettes with traditional styling. We have our pearls in two ways just the same way we have these two faces. Bringing pearls into a contemporary flair with Ruche and a more earthy feel with Flain. 
Inspired by the whimsy of poolside parties this collection is perfect for destination weddings & beachy fiestas. Time-honored details such as delicate Crochets & pearls are used in elevated ways that speak of the timelessness of these creations.
COURTESY-LoveToBag’s Festive ’19 Collection

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