Aashka Goradia, Co-founder, Renee Cosmetics

Here she talks about her new line of lipsticks…

The actress and entrepreneur recently unveiled her cruelty-free make-up brand’s (Reneé Cosmetics) newly launched extensive line of lipsticks- ‘Renee FAB 5.The pack consists of 5-in-1 color lipsticks that hold 5 different shades (taupe, bright red, wine, fuchsia and coral), shaped like bullets, in a single stick.

What made you launch this line of lipsticks?

Renee as a brand believes that makeup is very empowering, it is a very strong tool for transformation and any kind of transformation is empowering. Keeping that thought in mind, bringing people comfort, style, fashion in one package is something that we wanted to achieve.

Who has been the inspiration?

We wanted to bring people’s memories back from childhood and innovate it into a product. If you closely see the packaging, we have taken inspiration from those pencils with replaceable nibs we had in schools, where you take the nib out and push it at the back and then write again. Our inspiration came from there and we brought the top 5 shades of the country in one package. 

How’s your product different?

Our product is different in every way. For the formulation itself, our products are cruelty-free, every product is of course FDA approved, and there are 5 shades in one packaging. Women tend to spend a certain amount of money getting one shade but here they are getting 5 shades spending a certain amount and keeping that in mind we are also bringing them shades that are the top shades of the country.

What about the challenges from the domestic and the international market?

Speaking of the domestic market, if you are talking about freight as in shipping, everything is back on track, people have gone back to work and we’ve been able to do business smoothly. There has been no specific challenge that we couldn’t see through. 

Renee has not yet gone out to the international market but this is what our plan is for 2021. I want to take our innovation out as eventually, everything boils down to where the product has originated from and I think ‘Made In India’ would equally make Renee stand tall. 

Your future plans?

To make Renee the top homegrown cosmetic brand of India. That’s what my goal is and that’s what I am working on.

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