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After years, Simi Garewal makes an appearance in a stunning reel for Zoya.

Watch :  Celebrating the most enduring love affair of all – the one with myself. My Zoya pendant is inspired by “Fables of the Moon”. The luminous… | Instagram

Simi Garewal, often referred to as the Lady in White, continues to captivate audiences with her timeless elegance and sophistication. Her recent collaboration with Zoya Jewels for their latest campaign has once again garnered widespread admiration and praise.

In the campaign reel, Simi Garewal embodies grace and poise, showcasing the exquisite beauty of Zoya’s Poetic Solitaires with her gentle radiance. Set against a backdrop of subtle, candle-lit ambience and adorned with cream, peach, and beige décor, the video exudes an aura of understated luxury and refinement.

Dressed in her signature chic, white ensemble, featuring flowing sleeves and a frilled satin attachment, Simi Garewal epitomizes effortless elegance. Her timeless style and ageless charm perfectly complement the sophistication of Zoya’s jewelry, creating a harmonious blend of beauty and grace.

As fans and admirers continue to rave about her latest collaboration, there’s no doubt that Simi Garewal’s enduring appeal and enduring elegance will continue to shine bright, much like the Poetic Solitaires she represents.

She reads on a handcrafted, parchment letter, Sappho’s poem, The Moon, “The stars about the lovely moon, Fade back and vanish very soon, When, round and full, her silver face, Swims into sight, and lights all space.” As she takes out Zoya’s exquisitely cut diamond pendant surrounded with tiny sparkling ones, from its beautiful jewellery box, she says with pride, “My Zoya is a reminder to take the time to celebrate your own light. My Zoya is more than just a diamond – it’s poetry. Zoya is a love affair with yourself.”

 Watch Simi Garewal’s ad

As she jots down her notes sitting at her desk, Simi looks reflectively at Zoya’s pendant and says in the video, “The one thing that I have learned in my journey is that people treat you at your own estimate of yourself. If you hold yourself to a high standard, so will the world. I have never compared myself to others because my life and my journey has shaped me into the person I am today. So, we are all humane. We have our own glow. Much like the moon that shines bright in the starry sky.” Simi smiles as she receives a Zoya box on which is written “What you seek is seeking you.”

 Reactions to her ad

The response to the video has been terrific, with awestruck reactions from everybody pouring in. “Timeless beauty” is one reaction. “Beautiful! Most of all, the fact that Simi Garewal, the high priestess of sophistication is endorsing a product for the very first time,” reads another. Says a fan “@zoyajewels You have found the perfect muse in @simigarewalofficial. One look at her stylish demeanour, and you see the epitome of luxury personified.” Another reacts, “A very beautiful and elegant ad after a very long time!” A fan calls her “Sublime and incandescent.” Another comment reads, “That’s a lovely piece of jewellery! What a sweet inspiration and idea.”

 Simi’s brand promotion

Taking to Instagram the actress posted, “Celebrating the most enduring love affair of all – the one with myself. My Zoya pendant is inspired by “Fables of the Moon”. The luminous solitaire is a poetic reminder that our glow, like the moon’s gentle light, enriches the world uniquely, filling it with beauty. Zoya – it’s a love affair with yourself.”

Usually, a teaser promo comes before an ad, hinting at something new. But Simi’s appearance in an ad, after so many years comes as a wonderful surprise, as the legendary actress is known to be selective about her appearances. Much like the luminous solitaire Zoya pendant which is as rare and precious as Simi herself.

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