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Airbnb Celebrates Women Entrepreneurs with #HostWithHer

Women hosts in India earned over US$14 million(100 crores approx.) in 2019

  • Airbnb hosts a power-packed #HostWithHer panel with Lara Dutta, Pooja Dhingra, Shivina Kumari and Anne Jyrwa ahead of International Women’s Day
  • Women comprise 54% of Airbnb’s global host community
  • In 2019, women hosts worldwide earned over USD14.9 billion through hosting on Airbnb
  • In India, women make up 34% of Airbnb’s Stays Hosts and 40% of Experience Hosts
  • Airbnb reveals women hosts in India earned over US$14 million (Rs. 100 Crore approx.) in 2019

This International Women’s Day, Airbnb celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of its female host community with #HostWithHer, illustrating how digital tourism has played a key role in their journey to success as travel entrepreneurs.

 According to the latest Airbnb data, women entrepreneurs are pioneering new markets and fulfilling untapped customer needs through innovative businesses. In fact, women are increasingly fostering successful entrepreneurship in the burgeoning travel and tourism segment. There are more women than men in Airbnb’s global community (54% of Airbnb’s Stays hosts and 50% of Airbnb’s Experience hosts globally are women), highlighting the strong potential for women to emerge as global business leaders in offering unique stays and travel experiences. In India, women make up 34% of Airbnb’s Stays hosts and 40% of Experience hosts. Women hosts also generated an estimated combined income of over USD 14 million (Rs. 100.63 Crore approx.) in 2019, a significant increase of 40% from incomes generated in the previous year. Data also revealed that Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Jaipur are the top 5 cities in India with the highest number of women hosts.

 “Airbnb wants to partner women hosts across the country by empowering them to pursue their passions. Entrepreneurship among women not only boosts the economy through job creation, but also delivers transformational social outcomes for them. In 2019, Indian women hosts earned over US$14 million (100 crores approx.) and we are happy to be a catalyst for enabling women to become digitally savvy and financially independent” – Amanpreet Singh Bajaj, Country Manager, Airbnb India

This year, Airbnb’s regional #HostWithHer campaign spotlights a variety of inspirational women hosts across Asia Pacific, and how women are increasingly pursuing unconventional career paths and empowering fellow women to join their journey. This is in line with Airbnb’s commitment to provide a platform globally for women to follow their passion of becoming hospitality entrepreneurs and lead an independent life. In line with the campaign launch, Airbnb has unveiled a dedicated #HostWithHer campaign page at featuring these stories, as well as recommendations for women-powered Airbnb Stays and Experiences.

 In India, ‘#HostWithHer’ was brought to life through a panel discussion featuring actress Lara Dutta, entrepreneur and culinary expert Pooja Dhingra, Executive Director of the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation Shivina Kumari, and Airbnb Host Anne Jyrwa. Through the panel discussion, panelists discussed their entrepreneurial journey and how travel inspires them.

 Businesses led by women hosts who are part of a strong community in India, have a multiplier effect on local economies by offering employment, boosting incomes through socio-economic development and encouraging other women to join in and start their own exciting journeys, fulfilling their passion for travel and hospitality.

 In 2019, Airbnb also partnered with the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation to create economic empowerment opportunities for women in the rural parts of Rajasthan by helping them become Airbnb hosts and have the opportunity to open their homes to tourists from around the world. The partnership also aims to help create social impact experiences to promote local culture and unique handicrafts made by local women in Rajasthan. Airbnb’s Social Impact Experiences are inspiring activities hosted by nonprofits that connect travelers (and locals) to their causes. Hosting an experience is a great way for organizations to promote awareness, create long-term advocates, and raise funds.  Airbnb waives its fees, so 100% goes directly to the nonprofit.

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