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American Standard Spalet

Enjoy Superior Personal Hygiene and Luxurious Comfort

American Standard, a division of the LIXIL Group and one of the most iconic international brands in sanitaryware, introduces the Spalet. The American Standard spalet collection includes beautifully crafted shower toilets such as the Aerozen and Acacia E, as well as electronic bidet seats with pampering spa-like functions to provide everyday comfort and enhanced personal hygiene right in your own home.
Some of the hygienic features of the American Standard spalet is the Dual Nozzle, which has dedicated front and rear cleansing nozzles. Posterior Cleansing is a powerful, direct spray that provides a thorough cleanse. With Feminine Air Bubble Soft Cleansing, a gentle flow of warm aerated water provides a soothing shower that is gentle enough for a woman’s delicate areas. Then there’s the deodorizer, which is activated as soon as the user is seated. It also has Anti-Bacterial Protection, which includes the use of antibacterial resin on the seat, cover, nozzle, and remote control. Siphonmax is a dynamic vacuum mechanism that uses side water jets to create a powerful swirl and a lower jet to completely remove heavy and light waste. The nozzle tips that are rinsed with water before and after each use benefit from Self-Cleaning Nozzles. There is a nozzle shutter that prevents waste materials from getting to the nozzle tips, thus ensuring better hygiene. To prevent bacterial growth, the Auto Drain System automatically replaces unused water in the boiler after 72 hours.

The spalet has an Instant Heating System for comfort, which provides instant and consistent warm water as well as a heated seat with an easily adjustable temperature. It also has a Massage spray, which alternates between strong and mild sprays to create a relaxing massaging effect. The temperature of the Dryer can be easily adjusted for comfort. The computer remembers the settings, allowing the previous user’s settings to be retained.

For Convenience the Quick- Detach Seat Cover design allows the seat cover to be easily detached for convenient cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. It also has an Auto seat and flush; a sensor that detects your presence and opens (and closes) the lid and flushes automatically; this function determines the type of flush based on the amount of time spent on the shower toilet. The Remote Control allows you to easily operate all bidet functions with the help of a handy remote control.

It also has energy and water-saving features, such as the One-Touch Power Saver, which disables water heating and seat heating while allowing cleansing and flushing to continue. After 8 hours, the machine will return to its original settings. It is Water-saving in both an ecological and economic sense. Under unusual circumstances, the power supply will be cut off automatically with the help of the Circuit Breaker, assisting in energy conservation. With these technologically advanced features, you will be pleasantly surprised by this innovation, and you might even wonder why it didn’t make its way into your bathroom sooner.

American Standard continues to offer beautiful bathroom products that suit diverse lifestyles and personalities by combining superior design with innovative technologies. American Standard provides total relaxation and maximum utility that remains relevant to the needs of today’s families and that of future generations. 

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