AMIT AGGARWAL @ FDCI India Couture Week 2019

FDCI releases show line up for ICW 2019

 The FDCI India Couture Week 2019 in partnership with Hindustan Times, from July 22-28 at  Taj Palace Hotel, amalgamates the best from the world of glitz at this annual gala.Re-examining modern luxury, ten leading designers look at changing the tone by adding functionality to decadence in the 12th edition of ICW 2019.

“Ten designers will create new spectrums for design, making each showcasing a valued experience. Each of these has a signature which will be elevated with skilled artisans. We hope to make ICW 2019 a vehicle for communicating avant- garde with an Indian touch,” says FDCI President Sunil Sethi.



The womenswear collection features traditional Indian silhouettes that blend with western ideologies of couture. Sculpted Edwardian bustles lend an edge to the quintessential bridal lehenga, while the brand’s signature sarees are reinvented with dramatically structured trails. The ensembles have been enhanced by sheer drapes and layers creating an illusion of color through a play of light.
The menswear collection brings forth sharp tailoring in classic styles with a touch of layering. Ceremonial Indian silhouettes are revived with modern three-dimensional hand embroidery fabricated in modern industrial materials, as well as Jacquards, silks and handwoven geometric textiles. The garments have been enhanced by draping layers, color blocking through textiles and highlighting it with  intricate craftsmanship. This collection is for the traditional Indian man that has evolved and started accepting newer and innovative forms of clothing.
Nature’s awe-inspiring forms; while effortlessly combining our country’s rich textile heritage and our commitment to environmental sustainability.
At a recent virtual reality experience titled ‘We Live in An Ocean of Air’ where the invisible connection between plant and human is revealed through breath.
*A series of weightless gossamer tulle lace, organzas  meticulously hand embroidered and rendered with structural frameworks to bio-mimic the details of the human and plant anatomy
* Hand done three-dimensional embroideries in various organic angular forms and motifs
Shade Card
A vibrant jewel color palette of emerald, petrol, purple and plum moves into neutrals of gold, blush, silver and ivory with an eclectic mix of neon tones. The transparency, opacity and reflection of these colors reveal the reaction and the flow of light through every hue in the collection.

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