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An Inspiration & Aspiration -International Women Day

G.D. Anderson rightly stated, “Feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.”

Celebrating the success of women is exciting and also, shining a spotlight on progressive action that helps advance women, is important.

Every day is a great day to celebrate the amazing women in your life, but International Women’s Day gives you an extra reason to do just that.

 Being a woman might not always be easy, but we definitely believe it still is worth every moment. Simultaneously, Some of our women fashion designers fondly share their thoughts on their female ‘muse’ for their collections.

BARI INDIA by Nitisha Jain

 “Be positive, Be strong. And always BE YOU“

Mineraal Rooi handkerchief set is dedicated to all the lovely happy women out there. It is handcrafted with a free-flowing fabric and defines imperfection, making it a statement addition. 

“The moment I started designing this piece, I wanted to portray a strong, independent yet very happy powerful woman who is capable of capturing the world. For me, one such powerful being is my really close aunt Mamta Jain from Udaipur, who is the dearest and also the ideal woman who firmly believes that with the right attitude and lots of positivity, one can achieve anything and everything. 

Nitisha jain and Mamta Jain on women day
Nitisha jain and Mamta Jain

The first piece that I ever made was for her. Hence, I want to dedicate this one to her with endless love and joy.”

RIDHI MEHRA by Ridhi Mehra

“When SHE puts HER mind to something, worlds are built, life happens, possibilities unfurl. Such is the aura of women and it does not compare.”

“As a child, I witnessed my mother and aunt work for numerous hours, dedicating religiously to this industry. It was natural that my calling, too, came from the same roots. After years of commitment to this dynamic industry, growing, learning, and having attained the success I had dreamt of. Likewise, it’s no one but them, to whom I owe everything.”

 Ridhi Mehra                                                   Rakhi Khullar & Vandana Mehra on women day
 Ridhi Mehra                                                                  Rakhi Khullar & Vandana Mehra

“The outfit ‘Alia’ from my latest collection – Reflections – is inspired truly by them. The elegant pearl embroidered blouse embellished together with other jewels and classic chiffon draped saree; this ensemble beautifully embodies every essence of a woman. Alia is all about flair with a hint of drama, and sensuality idiosyncratic to the femme!”

EURUMME by Eishita Puri

“A women is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”

 “My mother literally is the glue that binds us together. In that sense, the way the chain is wrapped around a frame, my mother always, but particularly in times of adversity, wraps herself around her family, protecting us, guiding us, and inspiring us to be strong, fearless, and independent.”

Eishita Puri                                                                         Parul Puri   

“The Chain Studs from our Rewind Collection is an inspiration and reflection of her!”

GULABO JAIPUR  by Saloni Panwar

“Every women’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on.”

“We all have a story to tell that is an inspiration to the future generations. One woman that really inspires me is Kareena Kapoor Khan and a lot of my collections reflect her personality. Coincidentally, she and I were expecting at the same time which motivated me to create something comfortable, yet trendy!”

“ZARA and FIA from our latest collection would be my pregnancy inspiration, something that I could step out in and yet make a statement in.

 Saloni Panwar                                                       Kareena Kapoor Khan

on women's day
 Saloni Panwar                                                       Kareena Kapoor Khan

According to me, co-ordinates are the quick way to quirky this season.  Moreover, make way for the matchy-matchy trend this season as style gets streamlined with co-ord sets.”

AMARIS by Prerna Rajpal

“The beauty and power of a woman lie not in her clothes or her accessories. It lies in her heart and mind, her passion and dedication, her willpower and values.”

Prerna Rajpal                                                                  Queen Rania

“Sunshine Spectacle from our Gliteratti collection is just that!

Similarly, It is a spectacle and a visually striking display of elegance, beauty and finesse in striking shades of sunny yellow topaz. It was inspired by Queen Rania of Jordan, whose reflection is admired in every facet of life because of her inspiring journey, her efforts to champion children empowerment, promote education. Also, and be a leading lady in the face of power!”


“What a woman wears is how she presents herself to the world!”

“Women, since the beginning, have created a mark in various fields, be it art, politics or cinema. One such lady that has inspired me would be Queen Rania of Jordan.”

Isha                                                                               Queen Rania

“Our garments are a clear depiction of strong women with grace. Further, they are dedicated to the woman of today, to make them feel empowered, and repeat history. Likewise, Power dressing from our collection amalgamates opulence and elegance to meet the ardent aspirations of modern women and narrate a unique story that resonates with them.”

ZWAAN by Tanvi Sawlani

“A perfect woman will always be delicate on the outside, but strong from the inside.”

“A woman who has been a constant inspiration for our many looks since the beginning is Grace Kelly. Often spotted in gorgeous classic and timeless looks, her personal style was an extension of the same. Also, a style icon of the 50’s, her looks are still relevant to today’s contemporary woman.”

Tanvi Sawlani                                                                     Grace Kelly

Moreover, “The Red and Maroon Tonal Draped Gown from our Silver Lining collection is a homage to her romantic and feminine vibe.”

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