Anti Tobacco Day – 5 Ways In Which Energy Healing Can Assist With Smoking Addiction

By Sanmati Sanyam

questionDo you love yourself? Most of US hesitate a bit and eventually say YES. The conversation that follows is:

Imagine holding a cigarette in between your fingers, lighting it and as your hand is going towards your mouth ask yourself, Do I love myself? YES.

Is this action in alignment with that ?

This is the moment when 95% of them realise that smoking is not the actual issue. It’s an outcome of our low self-esteem which makes us want to smoke in our teenage years to feel like we belong/ to be cool. Our inability to be comfortable in our skin which prevents us from saying NO in a social set-up. And largely its our lack of self-love that triggers these behaviours in us. Wherein in spite of knowing something is toxic for us we continue to do it.

How Can Energy Healing Help Quit Smoking?

Energy Healing uses prana or life-force to heal imbalances and illnesses in the body. It works on the principle that the human body is “self-repairing” in nature. Energy healing techniques helps the body to heal by removing diseased energy. And increasing the body’s vitality which in turn accelerates the body’s ability to self-heal.

Following are the ways in which Energy Healing can benefit someone who is experiencing addiction with smoking- 

  1. Stress is a big trigger for smoking and most people don’t realise what makes them light a cigarette. As it has become the body’s natural response when in a stressful situation. During healing sessions accumulated stress energies are cleansed from the system which helps the person experience deep relaxation. 
  2. Energy Healing helps to cleanse and flush out toxins from the body which strengthens the blood circulation and lung function.
  3. Through healing, thoughts and emotions associated with the desire to smoke are being cleansed. Which reduces the cravings drastically and it also releases fear of withdrawal symptoms. 
  4. The most effective part of the healing process is improving the person’s will power. Which strengthens the client’s resolve to not fall back into the addictive pattern. 
  5. Cellular healing is done as supportive therapy along with healing smoking addiction in order to address the deeper issue at hand-LACK OF SELF-LOVE. With this healing, individuals experience a positive shift in the choices they are making in their life. A deep inner motivation kicks in to exercise, to feed the body nourishing foods and beverages, to eliminate habits and behaviours that are not adding value. The person experiences an increase in love for oneself and that feeling changes everything. 

Researcher Andrea Veronica Garcia, M.D. from Cuenca, Ecuador did a study with 108 patients. To evaluate the effects of Pranic Healing on patients with nicotine addiction through smoking and it was observed that application of Pranic Healing techniques in smokers can lead to effective cessation of tobacco use.


Sanmati Sanyam, is the Chief Energy Officer at House Of Healers  

Sanmati  Sanyam on In Which Energy Healing Can Assist With Smoking Addiction

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