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Anti-viral Fabric

NEO TECH® in partnership with HEIQ Viroblock tested successfully against virus that causes COVID-19

 Given the current scenario of the fashion and lifestyle category, adapting to the ‘new normal’ is the need of the hour. Being a market leader in innovation and excellence, the Donear Group, using NEO TECH® technology, has conceived products that are high quality, utilitarian and have a shield against bacteria and viruses alike.

NEO TECH® is the culmination of extensive efforts in research and development; done with the intention of bringing a paradigm shift in the Indian Textile industry. Post the acquisition in 2017 of GBTL (formerly known as GRASIM Suiting) and OCM, the Donear Group formally carved a niche for a R&D wing and that was the advent of the NEO TECH® Center of Excellence.

The Group has been a pioneer in introducing a lot of innovative products in the market in the past as well with products such as STREEZA (4-way stretch fabric), ICE-touch (making you 5 degrees cooler) and Uncrushables (for wrinkle resistance) amongst others, which are continuing to fare extremely well. With this step, the Group makes a bold advance towards perfecting an antiviral technology which will go a long way to strengthen their presence in the poly viscose and worsteds categories.

 Anti Viral Fabric

  • Known for their pioneering efforts, NEO TECH® has partnered with HeiQ, a Swiss company, to power up its suiting & worsted fabrics with an intelligent textile technology – HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03HeiQ creates some of the most effective, durable and high-performance textile effects in the market today, which lasts up to 30 washes.
  • HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 is among the first textile technologies in the world to be proven & certified effective against SARS-CoV-2. Tests conducted by them in Melbourne, showed that treated fabric achieved 99.99% reduction of the virus.

 About the Research Project

The research project involved a disinfection test protocol simulating real-life interaction of small aerosol droplets contaminating clothing with a known concentration of SARS-CoV-2 virus. The virus was contacted with the sample fabric for a few minutes followed by measurement of remaining infectious SARS-CoV-2 viruses.

When the fabric sample was treated with HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03, no infective viruses left after a few minutes and the result indicated a SARS-CoV-2 virus reduction of 99.99% relative to the inoculum control.

Being market leaders in the suiting’s space, the Donear Group has endeavored and perfected the touch and feel of this fabric which continues to remain as is pre and post the treatment. The selvedge with NEO TECH Antiviral fabrics will become a seal of safety and protection for the times to come.


Carlo Centonze, HeiQ Group CEO

 “The confirmation of antiviral activity of HeiQ Viroblock against SARS-CoV-2 is an important milestone. This data forms part of our ongoing efforts to help provide textiles with greater levels of protection against viruses and contribute to efforts towards mitigation of the global pandemic. We are delighted to partner with the prestigious Donear Group and to extend our joint products in the Indian sub-continent. NEO TECH is a highly advanced fashion-tech developed by Donear group and we are sure that we will be exchanging lots of notes between us. What sets our product apart is that it kills the viruses and microbes within minutes, thereby reducing the risk of contamination drastically. The product has been tested and certified by various world-renowned labs including the prestigious ISO 18184 rapid test.”

Rajendra Agarwal (MD, Donear Group) 

 “We have always wanted to extend our forte in poly viscose and worsted fabrics – be it for trousers, jackets or suits. This partnership has added another feather in our cap for breakthrough technology with anti-corona fabrics that shows its effects within minutes rather than hours! I strongly believe that the antiviral fabrics will boost our established group turnover (of 1300cr) by at least 15%.” In a lighter vein, he adds, “This technology makes us best suited for the future!”

Rocky Star, Indian Fashion designer  

 “This NEO Tech anti-viral fabric is going to help people to feel safe, as safety is the top priority. I’m really excited to use this fabric in my next collection, and definitely showcase it in the London Fashion Week in the next season. Fashion is all about showing off, meeting people and socializing, this innovation is definitely going to be a big help.”

 Narendra Kumar Ahmed, Creative Director, Amazon

 “I would first like to congratulate Mr. Rajendra Agarwal and HeiQ for such an innovative approach in garmenting and manufacturing fabrics. I think it is the right time to introduce something like this when the world is fearful about how this virus is spreading, as the innovation is wonderful for the fact that it can go beyond just now and Covid-19 is just a part of it, whether we talk of institutions, corporate clothing, etc. this fabric has a great scope, in bringing security to the people.”

Priya Patil ,Celebrity Stylist and Founder of That Gypsy

 “I think the technology is amazing and I would like to see how it translates on a broader fashion scope. And, I would like to use these fabrics for my accessories as this will be amazing. Since I also work in the hospitality industry, and given the fact that the sanitization standards in hospitals are so high, these fabrics will do so well in this industry. Not only for the fashion industry and the corporates, these fabrics should be used in the hospitality industry as well as for school uniforms, and expand the usage of this fabric on a wide variety.”

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