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Girl with Grit

·        Your favourite genre of singing?

I don’t want to be boxed into  one genre Artist. I love upbeat songs but at the same time my real love is the mellow romantic / ambient kind of stuff. I myself like to shake my booty equally as much as crying my eyeballs out to a sad love song. The songs are very different all the way throughout and this was deliberate as I was very experimental in the first Album. 

·        You released your own debut album, how difficult was it for you to cope up with Hindi genre and the tunes? 

I always wanted to sing in Hindi and because I was very good at learning languages in school, I thought singing in Hindi would be a breeze. Little did I know that it was going to be the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life. I used to listen to the songs of Lata Mangeshkar  for 8 solid years daily to grasp the accent and pronunciation. Whilst it was hard work I do think it also improved my singing so that’s a plus point. 

·        You already released one album ‘Woh Pal’ and other one is soon to be released what was audience’s reaction? 

 In Woh Pal , I was trying to find my sound and style. I think I have found it so my second album is going to focus more on fine tuning; my fans received my debut album very well. And I am  always looking to get feedback from them.

·        From a British pop singer to releasing your Bollywood debut , how was journey ? 

I guess my first singing lesson was never attended with the intention of wanting to be a singer. I think I just fell into it. In the first year I was really just dabbling with music lessons but nothing serious intended. After 1 year, I met a friend who suggested I make a song as my voice was nice. So I went along with it. I made an English song called ‘Feel It.’ I wasn’t really content singing in English. In the whole process of making that song, I realised one thing that I want to sing in Hindi.

 Bollywood was the main influence all my life. However when I realised I enjoyed the recording process, I decided to try a song in Hindi. It was fun. I have recorded 30 songs. I absolutely love Studio work. Making music has become my life. 

·        What’s the one thing that you look forward to and expect from yourself while recording the song?

I always look forward to hearing the final product. Once a song is fully mixed and mastered, that’s when the song takes on a life of its own. I do demand a lot from myself. It’s not uncommon for me to practise for months for one song. I always want to give it my best shot. The one thing I really look for in my recordings is the ability to express my emotions – once I was told that I don’t have any emotion in my voice. So it’s something I’m very conscious of.


 About Arzutra Garielle

British Born Singer, Arzutra, fell in love with Bollywood at a very early age. She toured the world and launched numerous music videos. For her debut album she was fortunate enough to work with Dubai based producer, Atif Ali, who has worked on several Bollywood films and TV serials. Fans eagerly await the launch of her Debut Album ‘Woh Pal, with 9 songs that take her fans into a world of fantasy. “I had an amazing experience putting this album together. However, I now realise why so few singers release Albums. It’s hard work. It’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears,” claims Arzutra.

  Shreya Ghoshal inspires British pop star, Arzutra Garielle, to release her debut music album ‘Woh Pal’, “I was obsessed with the way she sang. I even wore my first skinny jeans after I saw her wearing a pair in a concert in London. I looked up to Shreya Ji wishing one day I would be a singer just like her. My Grandfather used to sit and watch Bollywood movies all the time. I never understood the dialogue at that age so I could never relate to the movie. But I remember being excited every time a song would start. Because of this Bollywood influence at childhood, when I started my own music career, whilst the obvious choice was to sing in English, my heart was set on singing in Hindi. It was hard though as I had so much discouragement from friends telling me that I could never sing in Hindi because i couldn’t speak it. I was laughed at a lot in the early days. Determined to succeed, I listened to Shreya Ji daily for 10 years paying as much attention to her Hindi language as her singing,” adding, “I used to repeat her lines a thousand times over,” she says.
Unknown to the public, in a desperate plea to escape the pain of a broken family, she took up music. Arzutra was trained in Semi Indian in London for 5 years before taking to her current study of the Italian style of singing (Bel Canto) from the last 6 years.  
Arzutra will see the launch of her own health website offering natural health awareness for as many people as she can. It’s a project she had originally anticipated for 2021. However the Coronavirus has triggered her to launch this sooner, she says “I have a vast amount of knowledge on health as I read many of books in my teens on the subject – I don’t want to selfishly keep all that information to myself when people need it now more than ever before.”

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